Puru Saxena

Recently he is so successful in shorting, he is bashing all those assets he doesn’t believe in e.g.





Puru is not a fool. Bashing is fun, but he is not foolish to short TSLA and Crypto.

When to BTFD?

Who cares? Puru is a trader I am not. We operate on different time frames. He goes in and out on things he don’t understand. I like to have some ideas what my companies are doing.

Both methods can be successful. But don’t try doing both. Personalities can’t be changed on a dime. Know yourself, pick a lane that you are comfortable with and stick to it. Constantly watching and envying what other guys are doing is not helpful.


His (Puru’s) last name is Saxena , not Saxeno. Saxena is an Indian last name, not Spanish.

Who is this guy and why do I care?

Think NET would have to drop to $110 :imp: before Powell stops tapering.

But Fed’s balance sheet has not yet stopped expanding. Powell is just beginning to taper or slow down rate of expansion. I know markets anticipate and run ahead of the Fed, but this seems a little too early for a bear market…

I can’t recall whether he uses the word, bear market. Thought we are talking about correction, 10-20% price decline. So far, is about 5.2%. Referring to SPX. So far, the damage is done mostly on excessively overvalued tech stocks, other stocks didn’t suffer much damage e.g. HD is hovering at ATH.

Yes, a correction of 10-20% could happen at any time including now.

Nasdaq has already fallen 7.5% from its ATH reached a week or so ago. It’s looking like it would go into a correction soon

Essentially Puru is saying I am so rich that I can afford to put $5M cash in an escrow.

This guy is nuts :joy::joy::joy:

I am not sure why he is so emotional about those trolls. Just let them be. His followers knew those are trolls and won’t believe what they said.

agree. I like his viewpoint, it is one of many that is good (not like other pumpers on Fintwit) but man, he is so sensitive!

Is he on twitter only or is he also on instagram+youtube+tiktok etc? I think more followers one has on these platforms more money one can make.

Didn’t check other channels.

He made a killing in 2020, 4x :wink: All because he shorted the market in Feb and ploughed all the winnings into stocks. Current weakness is dejavu for him. He is cash + shorts. If the market dives deeply as he expects, he again can plough the winnings from shorts into long stocks again. If I read him correctly, he expects current deep drawdowns would last only a few months. The prospect of another 4x make him high.

When he started current portfolio in 2016 he was expecting 15-20% CAGR, and that is what he got in the first few years. 4x in 2020, CAGR is over 50%. If 2022 gives another 4x (I suspect he thinks he would get more), wow!


how much can one earn from the channels on youtube and other SM platforms?

A lot, depending on what you sell. i.e. women’s(Kardashian family,ParisHilton etc etc)/men’s clothing or Apple computers, or some favorite stocks, it all depends on how “influential” you are, i.e. an “influencer”

Has Puru pledged/signed what I believe(I’ll have to look it up later) some sort of fiduciary responsibility to the client(when one signs up for an investment/retirement account advisor)? There’s a PBS documentary on that. It also talks about how these stock advisors “peddle” stocks to their clients for their “cut” from their “employers”.

I know someone(he retired at 47) personally who did that in 1999/2000. But I don’t think he has been that successful lately(or maybe he is and I just do not know). Btw, that guy is just into stocks, not into RE.

Cover your SHORT!