Push For Universal Basic Income?

Those rich fuckers can donate their billions to those who need it…But I am not working my ass off for freeloaders…Universal free money means in the end no one will go to work and we will become Venezuela. .


It is interesting that these successful, capitalist titans feel that is inevitable that we move away from capitalism(?). Maybe, they see something that we don’t. What else could it be or what is it for them to promote such a policy really?

For the very rich and the very poor communism seems attractive. But for the middle class, it is hell on earth…I have lots of friends who lived it in communist Russia…

Liberal guilt…Give the money away if it makes them fell better

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Well, it does follow what capitalistic titans have done in the past. Bill Gates pretty much gives everything away now right? WB too right? Individual philanthropy is one thing, even at their scale, but a wholesale change to a universal basic income? I would then suggest investing in the best Mao jacket manufacturer on the planet.

Well, Gates and Buffet did not really give away their wealth. It’s more a tax strategy than giving away. He may have given the money to gates foundation but the foundation is not the poor person in need


Tech CEO’s drank too much AI kool aid that’s why. They all think we will reach singularity soon and all work will be taken over by AI.

AI long has its own hype cycles. Every 10 or 20 years comes a bout of extreme optimism. Then when people realized it’s harder than it seems euphoria turns into depression. We are in the middle of a huge hype cycle. “Everything will be overtaken by AI!” they say. Needless to say I am not very convinced.

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I just stained my deck rails.How is AI going to that kind of work?..Handymen will never be replaced except by maybe handy women


They’re free to put their money where their mouth is. I’d gladly accept a SAHM check as long as it doesn’t come with parenting advice attached.

Then again being a mother is indeed a full-time job with the government reaping the rewards of my investment in my kids education and job future. I’d love to see a portion of my kid’s SS payments returned to me.

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They should do the math on it. It’s not even remotely feasible. Some protestors in Seattle think Bezos should provide everyone in the county $1,000/mo universal income. It would consume his fortune in 3 years. How would that even work on a national level?

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UBI is neck insurance for the ultra wealthy. When the gap between the haves and have-nots gets sufficiently large, the rich lose their heads – just look at history. UBI is a clever way to keep the 99 percenters just happy enough to prevent them from showing up at your door with pitchforks.


I just think all these UBI proponents don’t have any imagination. Since the first industrial revolution, people worried about every big invention and the ensuing disruption, and overtime we did not just fine but better. Every single time. We survived the weaving machines, steam engine, railroads, electrification, farm mechanization, computers, internets, on and on. We used to have nearly 100% of people working on farms. When we replace human labor with machines, did we hand out each displaced farmer a free check?

Nobody predicted back in 2000 there would be kids making a living streaming their eating on Youtube. Just like nobody predicted we have people designing webpages. There will be new types of work coming up. Something beyond everybody’s imagination.

We will be fine.

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I’m ready to move back to hk or china in couple years, china is way more capitalism than US besides the name. Extreme Liberalism is a disease.

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Good to know I have company, much to the dismay of sfdragonfly who hasn’t tell us why he hates China so much.

The creators of the index took an approach similar to Adam Smith’s in The Wealth of Nations, that “basic institutions that protect the liberty of individuals to pursue their own economic interests result in greater prosperity for the larger society”

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It enjoyed a wave of U.S. popularity in the 1910s and ’20s and again in the ’60s and ’70s when it was championed by free-market economist Milton Friedman, Martin Luther King and, for a while, Richard Nixon.

I get it, but nevertheless interesting that even Milton Friedman championed it. May have to look into what his ideas were on this.

Hong Kong and Singapore are always the top 2. Some years HK is No.1 and SG 2, some years it’s the other way around. Both have large public housing and single payer health care.

Uh, you guys talk a good game. Call me when you are actually there in that supposedly better place…


HK I can understand. How do you live in China with the firewall? They are getting rid of personal VPN’s. The censorship is getting tighter and tighter.