Push For Universal Basic Income?

I thought we already have universal basic income. It’s called Section 8.


Exactly. China is so great, that is is why Vancouver, Seattle and the Bay Area are what they are right? Yeah, all those Chinese sending money to worst places, right? Does that make sense to you? Do you invest long in stocks that you know are dogs? (Silence…)

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US is not much better either, we look like we have free press but 6 company control 90+ percent media in the US. Both country are the same

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It didn’t feel remotely the same to me. Even if you don’t care for coverage for politics, I feel like I can’t even do proper research on stocks for example. I can’t access the WSJ, NYT and Google. Think about how you research a stock and what tools you use. Those tools are not available in China.

Freedom is like the air we breathe. We don’t think about it and we feel it’s not necessary. Until the day you lose it.

Learn simplied chinese and visit china stock site instead haha

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Facebook, Youtube and Netflix are also blocked. So maybe make some new friends and watch Chinese shows instead.

Just the idea that these fairly brilliant capitalists are bringing it up is interesting, that’s all. I wouldn’t have thought they would. I get it about the rich wanting to pacify the peasants theory to a certain extent but do they really know what they are suggesting???

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I’m assuming - HK & SG have the basic institutions that protect the liberty of individuals to pursue their own economic interests result in greater prosperity for the larger society^.

^ taken from the wiki link posted earlier

use weibo, wechat, youku, everything has a clone in china =)

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SG maybe, but HK is China’s boy remember??? Talk about free speech openly on the streets of HK and a real HK (automatic rifle) might be pointing at you directly…

Technical capabilities are about the same but contents day and night difference. The articles I see on WeChat always seems to be much lower quality than on Facebook and Twitter. I put Youku on iPad for my kids to watch instead of Youtube and boy it sucks too.

Actually HK has more freedom of speech than SG. You can openly protest in HK, and in SG you can only do so in one corner of a park. Remember that SG kid who said bad things about the late Lee? He went to prison in SG and got asylum in US.

But even so SG has way more freedom of speech than mainland China. As long as you stay away from certain more political areas you are fine. I can’t stand mainland China’s censorship. SG I am not too bothered.

I think it depends on where you are staying in America. If you are living on a top tier metro such as BA, LA, and NY, there’s no reason for you to move to China. However, if you are living in a place like Fresno or Modesto, then Shanghai or Shenzhen might be a better option.

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UBI is a nice toy to push since liberalism has accomplished all its major historic goals. There’s nothing to attract young liberals. UBI may not have much significance to most people though.

Millenials may be more pragmatic than old liberals.

It’s a waste of time to even talk about it

You are objective. Sfdragonfly hates China with a vengeance. Everything from China is bad, every bad things are from China. Can’t help to wonder what has China did to him and his family.

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Isn’t Dragonboy of Chinese descent?


When people ask what I do, I say that I went to college to learn to build robots and then had kids instead because it only takes 9 months to create AIs the old fashioned way :slight_smile:

While a computer could definitely beat them at chess, they’re probably way better than any AI overall. At least the older two. :slight_smile:


Charles Murray, a libertarian political scientist with the American Enterprise Institute, has proposed a basic income plan that would replace all transfer payments including welfare, food stamps, housing subsidies, the earned income tax credit, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. It would also eliminate farm subsidies and “corporate welfare.”

All sins forgiven with UBI, why not?

Garry Kasparov, the grand master who lost to Deep Blue, invented a new way of chess competition where humans team up with computers. A human/AI combo beat pure AI or pure humans. I think that’s where the future is headed. Humans will get some superhuman capability from AI. Instead of AI displacing humans, these kinds of superhuman will be kings.

Just get ready to implant some chips inside the skull…


In that case, it should clearly indicate that UBI as a replacement for social programs. But that’s not the case. It will be an addition to all the social benefits

Anyway it’s not a practical idea

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