Push For Universal Basic Income?




Swiss rejected UBI because Switzerland is open borders. Similarly, USA should reject the idea because of too many undocumented immigrants. UBI can only be supported as a replacement for all sins.


Ok look, you want UBI, move to Alaska. Caveat: You have to live there year round.


Had some bad Chinese food there once (in a village, small town granted) and my opinion has never been the same…:grinning:


How to rank Chinese Americans (best to worst):

  1. Hapas who are half white
  2. hapas who are half Japanese or Korean
  3. ABCs whose family is not from mainland china
  4. FOBs not from mainland china
  5. ABCs whose family is from urban mainland china
  6. FOBs from urban mainland china
  7. ABCs whose family is from Mainland Chinese village
  8. FOBs from a mainland Chinese village


Hey, where are you coming up with this ranking and based on what criteria? I want to raise my score, that’s why…:grinning:


You can’t raise your score. You are born with it. It’s a caste system.


Is Dragonboy #7? Wuqijun #6 or 8?


Fine (you are entitled to your opinion), but tell me your criteria so that we can pick it apart…:grinning:

Let me state one thing to you, the early Chinese immigrants from Canton essentially in the 50s and 60s own a considerable piece of the Fab 7x7. My ancestors may not be a vocal or flashy bunch but we have some power and a considerable amount of money. Proof? Look at that crazy Central Subway project that is so freaking expensive. Think Chinatown has no power? Think again…


You mean the Chinese immigrants from 1950s and 1960s? What’s special about those 2 decades?


Hehehe… if you have lots of money, then you can buy your way up the list. Moving up one spot costs $1M in net worth.


Well, those are the folks who came over, struggled but had the foresight about the value of real estate. So, they saved and saved and they bought a lot of the real estate in the Fab 7x7 and of course now they are wealthy landlords whose properties are probably all paid off. How is it that Chinatown honestly has managed to not change at all? This is primo land correct? Let’s be honest, do we see the Mission or Bayview staying the course? No! Gentrification City!!! I go with another saying: If you knock on the door and they don’t open it for you, you go buy that freaking building and open that door whenever you please.


The number I’ve heard floated is $1,000/mo per household. There’s ~118M households in the US. That’s $1.4T/yr. Tax revenue is $3.2T, so we’d spend 44% of revenue on it. Unless you’re rolling social security and medicare into it while telling old people they have to buy their own healthcare, then it’s not even close to feasible.

Social security - $910B
Medicare - $588B
Medicaid - $368B
Interest on Debt - $241B

If you left those programs unchanged, then you’d have $3.5T of spending on just those 4 things and UBI. There’d be zero money left.


Must be $1000 per person. If it’s $1000 per household, no one will get married and have children. The country will eventually extinct


$1000/person you can triple the spending. It’d be greater than our tax revenue. I agree $!000/household is a bad idea in terms of promoting marriage. All the data I’ve seen says single parents are 4-5x more likely to live in poverty than married parents. If we want to eliminate poverty in America, the biggest thing would be encouraging people wait until they are married and at least 25 to have kids.


No will not go extinct because they will still have children with strangers and then abandon the kids to remain single.


I am still waiting for your criteria…


O my god… what kind of criteria did the Indians use to come up with their caste system??? I need to go study the Veda a bit before I can answer your question… brb :slight_smile:


Forgive me for saying so, but $1K isn’t going to stop me from having kids. I wouldn’t even notice that amount living here.

But I agree with marcus that it would be more equitable to do per person, especially because it’d help people afford kids.


If you are going to state a case, at least for me, please be able to defend it. I may not like it but can respect it if the position taken has some merit to it. Just throwing a list out there and saying that it is the truth and nothin’ but the truth don’t exactly engage others in chiming in…:grinning: