Putin has opened the gates of hell

Supermarkets in Russia sell cabbage “quarters” as many citizens can’t afford to buy full-size cabbages anymore.

At the beginning of April 2022, people in Moscow remind me of a patient who has received a stage three cancer diagnosis from his doctor, and for the next month goes about his ordinary life in denial, barely noticing the first signs of the disease.

Russians are not yet at the stage of economic chemotherapy, and walk about as if nothing’s going on, trying to look upbeat and unconcerned despite rapidly rising prices.

Do you know why there’re no guns and ammo left in Moscow gun stores, and in the police departments men line up to receive gun licenses?

Muscovites expect 150,000 Russian soldiers to return from Ukraine shortly and start marauding on their streets.

In 1905, soldiers that returned from the Japanese War started a revolution.

In 1917, soldiers that returned from World War One used the guns to overthrow tsar’s regime.

In 1989, soldiers that returned from the forever war in Afghanistan formed gangs that led to gangster capitalism of the 1990s when businessmen were killing each other with AK47 and bazookas.

In 2022, soldiers that had survived annihilation from the most advanced Western weapons, will unleash violence in Moscow and elsewhere in Russia that will make “Crazy 90s” look like a walk in the park.

Thousands of Russians are leaving Russia. Putin has opened the gates of hell


Putin will finally finish off the Russian empire. Good riddance.

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In 2022, soldiers that had survived annihilation from the most advanced Western weapons, will unleash violence in Moscow and elsewhere in Russia that will make “Crazy 90s” look like a walk in the park.

Massacre of civilians in Bucha has shown that Russian soldiers are in a very bad psychological shape. Let’s not split hairs, many of them have become psychopaths from horrors of war, and the disturbing part it has happened very, very fast that they might not be aware of the changes, which could be fundamental.

Russian soldiers have been blown up and torched by modern anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons, shot at night by Ukrainian snipers wearing advanced thermal night vision goggles, their wounded comrades were shot in the heads by the Kadyrov militia, their bodies were abandoned and eaten by stray dogs, because the state refused to pick them up, while they were killing other native Russian speakers, Slavic Orthodox Christians just like them, while being told that they are Nazis.

The US hasn’t even tested their switchblade kamikaze drones and anti-ship weapons on them yet, while Putin hasn’t used biological, chemical and small tactical nuclear weapons. This madness can still be dialled up to the levels where human minds can’t deal with it and get short-circuited.

Additionally, another 140,000 Russian soldiers will be thrown into the meat grinder, and therefore the number of the soldiers woth permanently damaged psyche returning to the civilian life might equal that after the Afghan War.

Russian soldiers have raped women, killed civilians, and plundered apartments and houses sending packages from Belarus to their wives with the loot.

Imagine, those guys who had seen hell with nothing to lose are unleashed upon the streets of Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

They see luxury vehicles and mansions of oligarchs, ATM machines stuffed with 5000 ruble notes, and the police and National Guard who are used to kicking old women in the stomach and dragging students over the asphalt roads.

In a likelier event, cops and National Guard will gang up with Ukraine war veterans to form bands to loot everything in sight and kill competition. It’s also going to be a zero sum game as West tightens up sanctions.

Simultaneously, the returning soldiers will tell Russians that there are no Nazis in Ukraine, and that they were sent there to kill other Russians, no different from them. The collective reaction of Russians is wholly unpredictable.

On February 24th, Putin opened the gates of hell.


Here I thought this was going to be about Chernobyl, but…

I can’t argue with what you say… I don’t actually hope that you are right, though it would be nice for Putin to be removed from office. But if you are right, we should be prepared for that violence to spread over here too. Not en masse, but expect to see the newest terrorist incidents be from those same Russian soldiers coming here and blowing things up because they’re pissed at us for the sanctions.

Those Russian vets are too poor to come here. Saw some video where they stole chicken from a farm and looted toys and freaking washing machines and frying pans. A bunch of losers.

The last two times when Russia lost to a seemingly lesser foe, the regime fell. It happened in the war with Japan and then again in Afghanistan. I expect this time to be no different. Putin is done.

Putin might be crazy enough to launch a nuclear weapon if he’s going to lose power and has nothing left to lose. The only thing that might stop it is the military refusing to carry out the order.


If Putin went nuclear, expect NATO to march into Moscow. That’s suicide for him. It’d be a super stupid move even for Putin. But he has been pretty stupid so far. So who knows.

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Do you think he cares about living or dying if he’s going to lose power anyway?

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I don’t think Putin will lose power right away even if he lost the war. He can also spin a loss into a win, say if he managed to hang onto Crimea and Donbas. There are already some Russian trolls claiming taking Kyiv was never the goal. “Denazification” doesn’t have any meaning per se. Putin could invent some BS out of thin air and says Russia won.

Not saying Putin won’t go nuclear for sure but I think it’s a low probability event.

If he doesn’t care then we’re all screwed. I don’t think that it will happen.

The song refrain “I hope the Russians love their children too” just popped into my head right now. Maybe Putin has grandkids that he cares about?

@elt1 How is your wife doing? Does she have relatives who still live in Russia?

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The Ruple has actually been strengthening. It’s at 84 to the dollar after falling to almost 140 to the dollar. It was at about 75 when all this started. So I take Western news report with a grain of salt.

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There’s a black market in Russia for dollars and euros with deals organized on Telegram and money changing hands at train stations

The Kremlin imposed a range of capital controls to halt sharp currency outflows, such as banning Russians from transferring foreign currency overseas and requiring exporters to sell 80% of their foreign exchange revenue.

When you put a gun to people’s heads, you can dictate whatever official exchange rate you want. Doesn’t mean it’s real.

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Nothing is certain. The truth is the first casualty in any war.

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Most of my wife’s Russian speaking friends in America are Ukrainian.
Her grandmother was Ukrainian. Her sister and her family lives in Moscow. Prices have tripled and there are shortages. Live is hard in Russia. Americans whining about high gas prices have no idea how hard life is in Russia. Very few people have cars and most families live in cramped one bedroom apartments. Life is about to get a lot worse.
Unfortunately Russians mostly only hear lies told by state TV. There most are pro Putin… until they leave Russia and hear the truth. My wife will probably never go back to Russia. Putin has held a reign of terror for 20 years. Death and destruction from Chechnya to Syria, Georgia Belarus Crimea Eastern Ukraine Hungary. Americans are clueless about all his efforts to restore the USSR.

As far as Russian soldiers infiltration here… unlikely. But Russian bots are attacking us all the time. Propaganda and fake news is their weapon of choice. Unfortunately people like Trump and Fox news parrot Russian lies. It is now clear that the Russian military is using the same tactics it used during WW2 and the Cold War. Totally brutal, using terror and lies with no regard to collateral damage. And taking advantage of a weakened divided America.


Biden opened his mouth about a trial for war crimes. Does anyone think Putin will willingly turn himself in for that? Who’s going to invade Russia to capture him? Now if Biden let’s Putin stay in power, he’ll appear weaker than he already does. Let’s recap the highlights of his 15 months in office:

  1. The Taliban have taken control of Iran.
  2. N Korea is testing missiles again.
  3. Russia invaded Ukraine.

Those Russian vets are too poor to come here. Saw some video where they stole chicken from a farm and looted toys and freaking washing machines and frying pans. A bunch of losers.

Slightly off topic, my grandfather was in a prison camp in Serbia. He proceeded to tell me about his war wound. It was a slight scar on the top of his head.
He had already come to America but the Italian government threatened to take away his citizenship if he did not return to serve in the army. So he went and eventually got captured. Nobody wanted to escape because if they did they would have to go back to the war. They were generally treated good.

One night my Grandfather wanted to leave camp for a while to steal a chicken from a nearby farmer.
It was ok with the guards as long as they brought them back some beer. While he was trying to steal a chicken from the farmer, the farmer caught him and hit him over the head with an axe handle. So that’s the story of his “war wound”.


The pictures from Bucha seemed REALLLY off to me too. Who leaves dead bodies just lying in the street like that? And who ties people’s hands, shoots them at random times and places, and leaves them in the street like that?

Also, there doesn’t appear to be blood anywhere… There should be soaked jackets or pools of blood if they were shot or knifed.

And then there’s this picture of a woman holding a cat “looking on her dead husband and brother”. I’m thinking… This woman must really hate both of them because she doesn’t even seem to be upset.

“Ira Gavriluk holds her cat as she walks next to the bodies of her husband, brother, and another man, who were killed outside her home in Bucha, on the outskirts of Kyiv, Ukraine, Monday, April 4, 2022. (Photo/AP)”

( Full article: Russia Accuses Ukraine, West Of Bucha false flag; Says Kyiv Staging New Footage Of Dead Civilian )

The face of people who are grieving: