Putin has opened the gates of hell


Regrettably I sold my OXY and CVX after swallowing those kool-aid from ESG pundits. Otherwise I would be laughing to the bank and at those zero earning high growth speculators.

If Ukraine pushes too hard, the next thing they see would be a nuclear bomb.

Can’t agree more! Soaking up the greatest talents in the world is our superpower. Seeing it not being used really hurts.

That’s really superficial analysis. If Putin went nuclear he will lose not just Ukraine. He will also lose Russia.

Putin didn’t even want to risk general mobilization of the entire Russian Federation. His people could only tolerate an easy war. It’s not Russia that’s getting attacked. It’s Putin venturing out messing around other countries. Sacrificing the minorities out in the central Asian provinces is fine. But harming the Muscovites? Putin needs to worry about mutinies and coups. There is already report of blowbacks inside Russia.

Exactly. @manch believe too much in media and political propaganda.

Don’t believe at your peril.

You’re assuming he did issue the order to invade. It doesn’t matter how the war is started. Once the war has started, as a leader, he has to own it.

I don’t know who these people you’re referring to. Russians won’t tolerate losing a war to a smaller nation called Ukraine. I dare other nations to escalate a nuclear war.

He who worry about this is not a leader. He who doesn’t have a plan to deal with such a possibility is not a strategic leader. I expect Putin to be decisive and ruthless where necessary.

I repeat.

A nuclear bomb would be insane. All the radioactive air would travel to Russia.

It will be ended for them. Don’t worry. It’s like saying WW2 could only be ended by the Nazis and the Imperial Japanese. I think having the crap beaten out of them may have more to do with ending the war.

“Don’t believe the media” sounds smart but it’s really dumb.

Local news pundits are creating such a show, but it will never happen. If they do not create such a news, people will not read the news media. They need sensational story every now and then.

This is the same way every day media talks about stock market, morning one news evening entire different when market changed !


That’s the last resort. First, Russia needs to activate the war economy.

Don’t use wrong analogy. Allies are far stronger.

I didn’t get that from news. I put myself in his shoes.

Russia is far weaker than Nazi Germany or Imperial Japan. And Ukraine has the full night of NATO behind it. US is now killing off Russia, and by proxy, weakening China.

Master move by the Biden admin.

Translation: I didn’t bother checking with any facts on the ground. I just imagine stuff.


What I did is to think first then verify. But you don’t think and just parrot. Big difference

For example, below is parroting the news. I have read that tweet already.


“Parroting the news” to you is “first checking the facts” to me.

I am not that interested in imagining stuff and offering fact-free opinions.

If that is true, is ok. However, what you parrot is “propaganda” and “opinions”.

Wrong foot !

No, again. You won’t understand the issue. I do not want to talk about that Ukraine-Russia war. If I talk, it is opening like a Pandora box , endless discussion/fight.
Above all, it is not worth discussing that subject. Let me stop here.

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I commented because some1 keeps parroting propaganda and opinions.


Correct. But I can tell when some1 is talking nonsense.

I don’t know why some1 is so happy when one side win or lose. War is bad for everybody. The faster it ends the better for all of us. No need to celebrate when one side win. Should only celebrate when the war end.

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War is great for those supplying the combatants and often to the advantage of politicians. That’s why we have so much of it.
“The first causality of war is the truth.” Hiram W Johnson, a California senator. Truer words were never spoken. I take all news accounts with a grain of salt.


War doesn’t end by itself. It usually ends by one side winning and the other side losing. If you want the war to end sooner you better hope one side wins it faster.

Um, let’s not pretend Biden did anything genius. Russia only invaded, because they view Biden as weak. It’s the same reason N Korea resumed missile testing. It’s the same with the Taliban taking over Afghanistan. China has been more aggressive towards Taiwan. Biden’s been a complete disaster for international security. Overall, he’s so bad that Harris and Newsom had a meeting to lineup donors for 2024, and they weren’t lining them up to support a Biden re-election. His own party is trying to convince him to not seek a second term. As bad as Trump was, Biden’s approval ratings are even worse. That’s with far more favorable media coverage.


If Putin thought Biden was weak, he’s not that sharp isn’t he? See what he gets himself into now.

Biden is doing what any American President should be doing, and that is supporting Ukraine as much as we can while being careful not to escalate into WW3. In fact I am not that sure an imaginary President Trump would have done the same, given his and some on the right’s admiration for Putin.

Biden’s approval is better than Trump:

Putin’s war effort has been financed by Biden’s domestic energy policies.