Putin has opened the gates of hell

Supporting Ukraine the way we did may end up being the straw that broke the camel’s back when it comes to Russia, intentional or unintentional.

Now it’s time to focus on China. They’ve pissed off the EU. NATO is stronger than it’s been. Democracies in Asia are banding together. Terrible outcome for China. And Xi has made things worse with his boneheaded COVID strategy and his anti-economy stances.

This is an optimal time for the US to push hard. Tons of opportunity.

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The new Axis.



Japan and South Korea are not in SCO, ASEAN or NATO. They have to join one of them.

The Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO)

New economic alliance, IPEF:

New defense alliance, Quad:

We are ready to fight the new Axis of Evil.

Where is the alliance of those nations in two or more economic and political blocs?

They’ve been embargoed and cut out of the SWIFT banking system. How much more of a pariah can they be?

We are watching the breaking of the Russian empire the second time around. Finishing up the job that started with the Soviet collapse. Multiple wars broke out in Central Asia. Pelosi is now visiting Armenia, a supposedly ally of Russia but Putin failed to protect against Azerbaijan. World order is changing in real time right in front of us.

As Russia continues to be weakened, China may need to intervene more forcefully in Central Asia. It’s most worried about the Muslims in Xinjiang joining forces with their brothers in that region. The Soviets and Americans both got their asses kicked in Afghanistan. Maybe it’s China’s turn next. As China gets bolted down in Central Asia it may not have time and resources to mess around with Taiwan. That would be one of the most welcome developments.


I think China is waiting to take over Siberia and all the former eastern Soviet lrepublics that Russia conquered over the last 400 years.

Can’t wait for Mongolia.


Historically is not part of China. Only Manchuria (NE of China). What so good about those places except for oil and diamond? The natives in Siberia look like Mongols.

I worked with a chemical engineer who adopted a baby from Siberia. Too much headache, hassle and wait time to adopt a US baby.

The Russians had to pay or force people to move to Siberia. Now they are all leaving. Freezing in winter. Hot humid and infested with mosquitoes in summer. A hell hole.

Saw a documentary on Siberia year ago. At school there was a rule that the kids were supposed to come in if the temperature dropped below minus 20 but they would stay out and play when it got colder anyway. They looked happy. The adults looked stoic.

People with money leave. Lots of Siberians vacation in Thailand. Most are involved in oil and minerals extraction. Probably only there for a few years.

He’s desperate now and had to mobilize military reserves. He’s crying about the west helping Ukraine. Now Russians re protesting in Russia. There’s a chance he loses control of the country. It’d be a total stampede if the west sent troops.