Qualcomm: Anyone buying?

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There are litigation from AAPL, FTC and other companies. In addition, downgraded. The drop is due to FTC, AAPL and downgrade.

There are pros and cons with Risk. Here are the threads from reddit.

As usual, I bought it heavy today around $55. Still at loss by last week (pre-news) purchase. Let me try my luck as I have enough profit, since Jan 1st, to cover in case of prolonged loss on QCOM.

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I guess it would rebound to some degree but I don’t expect long term growth with this stock.
I sold all QCOM stocks back in 2014 at $80. Since then, the company seems to lose its momentum.


Except for its CDMA patent Qualcomm seems to be mostly selling commodity hardware?

I wonder if nvidia will go the way of Qualcomm couple years down the road… :smiling_imp:

Speaking of tech tesla is pushing 250. I think I made a big mistake doubting Elon musk aka iron man. :sob:


I guess it will. Then, the question is when to sell. :slight_smile:
I hope someone comes up with new buzz words by then so that we can move to the next big thing.

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Qualcomm has already many patents, and they continue to hold cell phone side.

Nvidia is artificial intelligence chip side, helping all auto-maker and AI side.

Tesla is breakthrough on electric cars, still they are considered better among other competitors. Trump may soon take away the $7500 tax benefit for electric cars. This may affect little bit,but not heavily (again depends on demand/supply).

Both TSLA and NVDA are far better (on growth side) than QCOM.

QCOM is mainly like a dividend payer and they may not jump like the other TWO. I may sell QCOM in future, but keep a portion for long term dividend perspective.

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Short-term there should be a technical re-bound at support zone, somewhere between $50-$55. So can try your luck, buy and run quickly. For longer term, better to wait for the base formation, buy when there is a bullish divergence.

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This forum is transforming to a stock forum. Signs of a boring and slow RE market.

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I have the same bad habit. After making some indecent profit (last year, triple mad money with LQMT), start to get complacent and lose discipline… need some small losses to get back to trading discipline… in any case, last year is easy. Recently bought some AMBA betting for a technical re-bound, it did bound but not satisfied with the gain, and now is red.

Me too with AMBA, no wonder we are alike ! when rebound I will run away from QCOM, but keep the QCOM profit as a hold so that I get dividend over free money. I still feel 12% fall is too big. But, too many downgrades are given against QCOM recently.

No, I am not bored with real estate. But stocks is an important component of my strategy. The new thinking I have is to use the stocks account as an insurance. If crap happened and suddenly my rent doesn’t cover PITI I can dip into my stock account.

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Shouldn’t you be into dividend paying stocks (plus selling covered calls if you understand options) instead of growth stocks? Growth stocks are volatile.

I am exactly doing the same. We can not close our eyes on stock market or economy.

Dividend stocks are like rental cash flow, but it take few years of hold to grab dividend stocks. Which are kind of dividend stocks you think of? AAPL? Current yield is 1.9%. With that dividend idea, I bought QCOM and CVX/XOM (thinking that they are bottomed already).

Apparently you didn’t read some of my posts:

Utilities, Waste Management and Consumer Staples
PCG - PG&E :slight_smile:
AWR - Water Services
T - AT&T
VZ - Verizon Wireless
WM - Waste Management
PG - Proctor & Gamble

CAT - Caterpillar
DE - Deere
CVX - Chevron
OXY - Occidental Petroleum

May not be the right time to buy as they would decline in a rising rate environment, bought them in 2015 when they are not in void.

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Hmmm, I have CVX alone from this list.

I am already looking at JNJ, PG and CAT.

Immediately after Trump elected, someone suggested to buy these, I purchased LMT (2.83%) and BA (3.6%). LMT is tomorrow results and BA is day after. Both are good ones, expecting good future with Trump coming.

One of the trial buy is SNH (8.2%) - REIT mainly for dividend returns.

I am still thinking about STWD and NRZ, but not comfortable yet.

Both are good but not the theme I’m interested in.

Group 1 is recession resistant.
Group 2 is ride on inflation.

Since economic cycles alternate between expansion (growth, normally has inflation) and contraction (recession), having two groups would ensure I’ve decent dividends in any phase of the economic cycle. LMT & BA business is quite independent of economic cycle.


VZ plunged… buy?
AMBA shot up… how high would it go?

AMBA, I do not take any more chance, look at finviz chart http://finviz.com/quote.ashx?t=AMBA

VZ - no idea, but dividend 4.4% looks attractive. $45 or $46 is a good buy. Still verizon has not completed YAHOO purchase. How much yahoo purchase will help VZ, we do not know.

JNJ and LMT came down after good results. Bought JNJ for dividend returns.
I did not buy further LMT as I already have LMT with still +ve.

Anybody here use just indexing? I don’t play individual stocks.

But yes I agree qcom should rebound short term-markets usually overreact.

Long term, I don’t know enough about their business prospects, but plenty of room for growth. They have many irons in the fire for future tech but a lot of that won’t pan out commercially (e.g. Display tech, wireless car charging, etc.). Lots of wifi parents but do they make good margin on those chips? Do they simply cross license and make zero ?