Qualcomm: Anyone buying?

Indexing is easier one, just get SPY or ONEQ or whatever indexing people wanted to follow. There are sector wise indexing too, many such ETFs are commission free at vanguard or fidelity or Charles Schwab.

I own tiny amount of FTEC, VFH, ONEQ and SPY. Once I get bored with Stocks, I may look at indexing.


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Yes, AMBA I do not have any long hope, good to cash in and forget that stock for some time !

I’m watching SMG for the right entry. They dominate the market for products to grow pot. A bunch of states just legalized recreational usage of pot. Overall, I’m running a higher cash position until the market makes a definitive move. The NVDA call spread is the only option position I have now.

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They are also commonly available fertilizer or soil supply company, seen all over Homedepot and lowes…etc

The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company (SMG) primarily serves customers in the United States and Europe, with the United States being its key market. The company, which was started to help consumers grow better lawns, sells lawn and garden products for growth and maintenance.

Lately, the stock has been seen as a dependable marijuana stock, given marijuana’s legalization for medical and recreational purposes in some of the United States. Company looks good for growth at this stage.

Even though I used miracle-gro I never noticed the stock ticker/company.

Same way, recently I came across WDFC - lubricants company very famous for WD-40. This stock came down from $119 to $101, I bought some taking risk !

Today DOW Crossed landmark 20000

Let us wait and see how qualcomm comes with results after market

Trump signing the wall, hiked the CAT to jump nowadays…

Cat and Deer are very good to me. Handsome dividends and high return with no effort after buying. That’s what I like about stocks. Frankly, I hate dealing with tenants, most of them are liars.

Rental is public business, need to deal with tenants. I had the same issue when I managed the home, dealing with Tenants Bankruptcy, Jobloss and Divorce etc. Unable to withstand the pressure, I offloaded to property manager that filtered many issues reaching me.

I am also planning to get a parallel dividend source of Income, trying to get into good long term dividend payers.

One of my Singaporean tenant did gone through all above… divorce, jobless then bankrupt. I just let him go without penalty. At a personal level, he can be a very good friend but he is very messed up with his marriage life. Another unscrupulous Indonesian businessman that lied through his teeth and trashed my house… need a fortune to restore to renting condition. Frankly, I didn’t want to rent to these guys, every landlords know the best tenants are the Japanese and the American expatriates. The rest are not good but it was recession then and hard to rent. During good times, you can be very stringent with tenant screening but in bad times, loosen or leave it vacant.

URI is another way to play it. I believe they are 100% domestic where Deere and Cat both rely on overseas sales too.

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You should have given the TIPS one day before.Today, after market, it jumped $9.94 (8.7%) like ebay jumped!

Anyway, I will watch this for future opportunity.

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That is the point.

On all my cases faced, I have no other way except let them go “as is”.

The divorce case was pathetic, the had internal dispute, damaged the property, ran away without paying rent, need to deduct from the deposit. I had to spent $2000 more than deposit money, but did not like to go small claims court to recover, let it go.

All these happened during 2008-2011 period, the worst period of real estate. When economy is bad, everywhere we see similar issues.

These are all lessons learnt or experience gained.

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Uh oh…


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I thought we already established the fact that Bay area RE and stocks are well-linked. They should both crash within 3 months of each other, stocks first.

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Real estate doesn’t crash…It slowly deflates…not liquid, only 1% of assets sell per year…No direct correlation. …The highend is more sensitive to the stock market…Lower end buyers don’t even own stock


Now QCOM turns around, I expected a turn today before the earning call. Bought some more stocks, already holding, and options when it was 52.5 and 52.3!