Qualcomm: Anyone buying?




Wow. Qualcomm has really retained value even through the recession. Looks like a good time to buy.


True, I added some today at $52.30, pay 4.30% qualified dividend.

My favorite investor too bought recently

Klarman’s hedge fund, Baupost, acquired 5.2 million shares of Qualcomm worth $299 million and 7.2 million shares of Qorvo worth $493 million, according to the March quarter 13F filing.


I put in a buy. Will see on Monday.




QCOM is done. POS.



Don’t forget, as silicon Valley makes its employees happy through IPOs and stocks vetting, so, if stock market plunges, so is the real estate market. You may say there’s no correlation, but there may be one or two.

So, what did you say about not having your eggs in the same basket? :innocent:


Sell, sell, sell!!!



Wow!! Will trump block it? They are Singaporeans.


They moving back to the U.S.


If they are moving back let them buy whatever they want. :smile: The article says they want to buy Brocade, another San Jose company.

This hardware resurgence will lift South Bay property prices. Buy away!! San Jose prices is still dirt cheap compared to Sunnyvale.


Don’t forget Google wanting to put 20,000 people downtown SJ.


Buy buy buy!




Why doubt? Bay Area SFH !



I’ve been promoting ESJ for long time.



Neither for me. I’m too broke right how. But you guys can!