Qualcomm: Anyone buying?


Mr Tan is so unfriendly. Can’t he gave me a call before announcing the bid.





All the consolidation is giving semiconductor companies more pricing leverage. Also, designs are getting more chip specific, so if you get a design win it’s for the life of that product. Granted, that might only be 1-year, but you get good pricing power for that year. There’s little pressure to reduce prices 3% per quarter the way there used to be. The pressure is on pricing for the next design win, and now there are fewer and fewer competitors. I’m pretty bullish overall on semiconductors.


Previously you’re bearish because one could lose the slot. So is worth the risk now?


That was specific to Cirrus Logic. I’m bullish on the industry as a whole. IoT is only going to increase silicon volume.




MSFT beats Apple in introducing macOS X on ARM-based chips. Rumor that macOS X runs on ARM is like I can’t remember how long, seem very long. Wonder what Apple is waiting for.
INTC is goner? Is it why it is so desperate to get on the AI revolution?


If Microsoft won the smart phone war would it have that much time to play with PC? Don’t think so. PC is a sideshow for Apple but still where Microsoft makes most of the money from. It’s Microsoft who is desperate.



didn’t even impact stock price.


BRCM raised the offer:


Someone’s buying.


Nobody else is willing to pay $82/share for QCOM. Shareholders were in favor of the Broadcom buyout before QCOM postponed the board meeting. Hope QCOM doesn’t repeat the fate of Jerry Yang’s Yahoo sale.


Sounds like you are a (dissatisfied) shareholder?


QCOM has lot of wireless technology patents, attractive for take overs. Almost entire world use qualcomm chipsets.


This article has some comprehensive analysis about the dynamics of this Broadcom/Qualcomm acquisition and how they may affect the technology landscape in this field.

I don’t blame the Trump Administration for blocking the transaction. However, this only delays the problem of shrinking technological gap between US and countries the president doesn’t trust. If we continue the path of reducing R&D budget, restricting immigration on skilled workers, the tide won’t be reversed.