RacistForums or RealEstateForums?

I see so many racist posts on this forum - mostly Chinese people complaining about Whites and other Asians.They never talk about Uighurs or Tibetans brutalized by their favorite country. Learn to show gratitude to the USA and the culture that gave you so much including the freedom to talk. What’s to be so proud of China whose main contribution in the last few centuries is techniques to steal intellectual property? How many Nobel prizes in science does China have? How did you become such a big economy without any talent?

@wuqijun - hates everybody other than chinese
@buyinghouse - hates other minorities

Um… where did you get that impression from? I don’t hate non-Chinese people.

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Are you @BAGB? :thinking:


I am white, I tease wuqijun sometimes, to protect the balance in the forum :slight_smile:

I don’t see much racism from chinese actually. They didn’t like asian discrimination in schools (like harvard), but that’s about it and it’s not racism - it’s opposite.

Wqj will occasionally bash chinese, when it comes to issues like social interaction with people. One of the few ways he “promotes” chinese is their average intelligence, and that’s exactly where i bash wqj :stuck_out_tongue:

Almost everyone loves this country. they may not like the governments or presidents and trash them, but that’s definitely not racist intent. Except that one guy.

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Remember, I have 2 of your secrets… you tease me and I will let all hell break loose… :rofl:


ok we have realestateforums and blackmailthewhiteguyforums

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Your secret is still safe with me, just sayin’ :relieved:


@harriet, how about we trade favors? I’ll secretly PM you @tomato’s second secret, and you owe me a favor. :slight_smile:

Why would I want to owe you a favor? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Ok… then good luck figuring it out on your own… :rofl:

I have a few ideas on his second secret already. If it’s the same letter that is.

No use poking to try to extract more info. No more hints from me… :rofl:

I am sorry to hear that you felt this way.
Would you mind sharing some references?

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Um… allow me to go back and delete some of my past posts before he does that… :rofl:


Hurry! :sweat_smile:


Well, everybody knows me by now, my long postings, some funny, some very harsh, so here it is, one half funny, half serious. Let’s smile, shall we?

I am sorry but you are either using some new drug, maybe a synthetic marijuana or the new LSD or speed, because my points on this forum are about the hypocrite republican/democrat posters “may I say” from India, Vietnam, who knows there’s another Hispanic poster like me, who have no moral values supporting a president that has it against “all of them”, and by that I mean those posters on this forum supporting him.

Do I hate minorities? Yes, I do!

I hate the minority of racists whom as you said were given the privilege to come to this country and now stand silent on the sidelines while some people, many looking exactly like them, you know, those people not looking “white”, are harassed, condemned, vilified, called names, told to speak English, or throw away that turban, specially Indians from the Sikh community, whom I love because when I approach them, they are all smiles and gratitude for being here.

If you don’t think calling some African countries “shitholes” is not a direct insult to the countries most of us came from, you are totally ignorant, he called all immigrants, except his grand parent, another draft dodger from Germany, as people from shithole countries, sorry for the wording, but some people here like it as it is. No more PC they claim.

Maybe you are kind of confused because I am trying to make these individuals, though a little bit harsh, to intervene and confess under perjury that they don’t support a racist, vulgar, and all the bad things you see in an evil person reflected in the president of the United States aka America? I can names, they know I am talking about them, they profess a profound love for this president after all he said about themselves. That is so infuriating to me, people watching their own people being discriminated and harassed love the person in the highest office in this country perpetuate that stupidity? Are you kidding me?

FYI. I have contacted many people here in the forum, some poster know me in person. I have worked for them, and some I’ve tried to help with their problems. If knowing they are minorities, you think I would be helping them or joking, or working for them? I love helping people, I do. It’s in my blood.

Now, you seem to be from a minority nobody here is talking about. My apologies if we haven’t touched that topic. I am always reading things online because I learn financial tricks that way, I have to be on top of the new things helping people to retire, and occasionally I read things from other ethnic-minority groups that make me sick, and sad, because being a naturalized “American” citizen doesn’t mean that we have to forget the countries, culture, and the bad things that are happening where we came from. Those Americans born here adoring the countries they never met, well, that’s another fish in another barrel, their right to express their opinion, the first amendment cuts both ways, either you like it and smile, or you get pissed and counter argue, but wanting others to say anything on topics they have never worried about, or don’t know anything about is basically using the same technique of the sitting president wanting to just talk and made other talks only about him and only him, and in an adoring way, as if it were a cult of some sorts.

And, funny that you commented about Tibet. The DA or the counsel for the government during my immigration court hearing was born in Tibet. I watched that during the hearing she was typing and typing. After I was granted a green card, I asked her what was the typing all about but paying attention to my case, which was closed after the judge saw she wasn’t asking any questions. She said she was doing her homework because she had returned from the Tibet, and that made her be behind big time. Do I hate her for that? No! Thanks God she was busy, she could have made mi life miserable but thanks God no!

Now, what was that you said we don’t speak about? Open a topic, let the first amendment take its course. Either we make an opinion or we stay put. I am willing to be the first opinionated person in it.

And, as somebody said here, we still love you no matter what you say, or who you are. Freedom of expression all the way.

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Damn. Do your posts always have to be this long? :rofl:


Thank you God, deity, satan, or whatever figure you pray to that I don’t know English, otherwise you would be reading the latest testament…:smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley:

This is our America people, don’t mind the color of the skin. Don’t mind political agenda, just mind your love for others. We are all human beings.

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The forum is not racist but yes a bias for China (especially against US) shows up in posts of many posters here.

Some comments:
All nations have become great by stealing. Chinese stealing US IP is normal.
xxx killed many during Tienanmen square violence and world imposed sanctions but China became strong because of that
China needs to take over xxx. China needs that for future.
China will take over US in short while. Its a done deal. Once that happens China will show US …

Posters get very defensive if one starts to point out wrong things done by China. And when cornered, the victim and racial card comes out.