Ramen Nagi Opens First U.S. Location in Palo Alto

Yet another proof that the best Asian food of Bay Area is in South Bay.

Ramen Nagi, a popular ramen chain in Japan with 35 locations in Asia, chose Palo Alto for the first American location, which celebrated its grand opening on June 25 at 541 Bryant Street. There are also plans to open a second location at Valley Fair in San Jose in the near future.

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Is it better than Ramen Dojo of San Mateo? I highly doubt it…

We need to send in our in house gourmet @harriet.

I’m not crazy about Japanese ramen. Prefer hand pulled noodles…

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I prefer Italian linguini with pesto or clams.

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Uh, I think the Chinese invented that too…:grinning:

I thought young people love everything Japanese? :thinking:

They didn’t invent pest though. You haven’t lived until you have had pesto pizza in the Cinque Terra . The pesto with wide lasagna noodles in Porto Fino is also a to die for experience.

Moved on to Korean pop stars???

I am even less a fan of Korean food than Japanese…

True, how much Korean BBQ can one eat, right???

But the Italians perfected it!

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My favorite food is Italian. I think that is true for most Americans . Pizza is probably the most popular food world wide. Everyone likes pasta too


Isn’t French more “refined” than Italian?

Refined is not my style. Very few French restaurants. I think they have suffered from their overhyped stuffiness. I do like La Folie though.


Where can one get good hand pulled noodles?

They either think it’s sassy to eat Japanese food or like the fact that it’s less oily compared to other cuisine. Chinese food tastes much better IMO (cold sushi rice is yuck and the char siu in ramen is awful). I mean, which sounds more hip: Japanese ramen or Chinese bbq pork noodle soup? If eating Chinese food makes you a grandma then I don’t mind being a grandma…

I am indifferent towards Korean food. Maybe I haven’t had really good Korean food but all of them taste the same to me; they are either kimchi or sweet bbq flavor. To be fair perhaps Chinese food tastes the same to other ethnicities if they only had Panda Express…

Nowhere in the bay area. @sfdragonboy’s favorite joint used to have okay noodles but that was a long long time ago. Now they only serve soggy noodles.

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My favorite Asian food is Japanese then Vietnamese Thai Chinese in that order

I was about to say your taste is so old school it’s borderline grandma. :older_woman:

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Where do you go for authentic Thai food? All the Thai food I’ve had is pretty meh so far.