Real Estate is not the hottest topic in SV

Disgusting, disturbing, and disappointing… :face_vomiting:

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Are worried you are missing out?

Not in the least… in fact, if I had found out that a particular founder or CEO of any of my stock holdings is involved I would immediately sell that stock… :face_vomiting:

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Not surprising at the least. Come on, you are talking about mostly males who were shunned or anti-social during the teen and early adult years and BOOM they hit the big time (big job, big money, makers of relevant, popular products, etc). Now, women come on to them and so what happens? Heck yeah, they are going to exploit it for all its worth. Why not? No one is putting a gun to anyone’s head to participate.

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I heard rumors about Bill Gates being into S&M…Your hero Musk is notorious…billionaires can do whatever the want…And you are shocked they do?

Again, not surprising at the very least about Gates. The quiet ones are usually the most wild ones. Elon is just out there in the open and if you want to be with him you better get used to kissing another woman at some point…

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Investment sin #1: mixing up private lifestyle with company performance. I don’t care about the private lifestyle of a CEO unless that lifestyle affected company performance in a negative way.

If Musk uses the mind changing drug evey day, are you going to hold or sell TSLA?

The article only mentions VC and small company startups. These guys don’t matter since their useful work time is very limited.

OTOH, this could be a sign of peaking Silicon Valley. If nothing else, these drugged young women can sue the executives and bring down Silicon Valley. These partiers don’t sign NDA and other legal release agreement, it could backfire easily. What if that woman files a suit for coerced drug and sex?

Btw, is the drug party legal? Are they using the legal drugs only? If they woman take photos and videos, all these guys and girls could be arrested for drug abuse.

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This is California get used to it

Yes, if Elon did drug I will get rid of Tesla.

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Come on!!! Call your broker or put the sale order in…

Well, it’s a possibility. You never know.

Is it ok if he smokes marijuana?

Um… no need for that I can click the sell button online…

No! Weed numbs your mind and make you stupid.

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There is a 80% possibility of weeds use. Are you going to sell 80% of your TSLA?


Don’t be jealous of my 1000% gain in Tsla. If you are then maybe it’s time for you to buy some.

Why is it a surprise?

Eyes Wide Shut
The “there" ritualize sex to symbolize their social status, the aspiring class provides sex for a living. Used to be in the East Coast, now spread to SF & SV.

wuqijun - You’ve a long way to go :wink: Mr FIRE.

Um… not interested in that kind of “status” at all, Mr Trophy… :rofl:

When you get too rich, you become paranoia,

Doomsday Prep for the Super-Rich