Real Estate Market Sale Commissions and the evolution of Blockchain

What is the current commission realtors get for selling a property in the area where you live?

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I paid 5% to the realtor who found me my 1031 exchange property and sold my Oakland apartment building. That was 6 months ago. He had the nerve to ask for 6%. When I said, come on, he said he had to try…

4-5%… that includes staging/prof. photography, out of the 4-5% , the buyer agent gets 2.5% usually
or stanley lo for cheap i heard. but…
i had melanie sold mine, you can take a look at this thread for my review on her

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Well, I have heard some businesses charge 10% commission over every sale.
Have you guys heard of the Leaxcoin platform which promises to share 50% of its commission with partners?

They are currently hiring people interested in the Real Estate Market.

if any of you is interested, let me know.

The position is for a Country Ambassador, gets paid per service rendered as well as 50% commission over the 10% fee that that platform collects from every sale.