Holiday Summit 2017

Ok, since we are chatting about possibly finally meeting up, perhaps a thread dedicated to this is necessary. Again, I have to feed myself in December (exact dates to be confirmed) from approxmately Dec 10th through the end of the month since wifey is going home. With my Mom’s condition, I can’t go.

I am proposing dinner at East Lake in San Jose since that is Manch’s favorite place and we should do all we can to keep the business viable. Oh, we all bring a secret Santa gift of no more than $20 and we play Stealing Santa.

Count me in as one.

Manch, do they have a separate banquet area or room for us???

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East Lake is awesome but may be too long a drive for most of us, including me! :smile:

I think most of us are either in and around SF, and South Bay around Sunnyvale and Cupertino. Am I right?

Dude, I am giving your place the stage!!! I will even take a day off for this if necessary (prob maxing out anyway at that time).

God, I will drive the SUV and pick you up even (yes, I will use a blindfold :grin:)and whomever else is in the Fab 7x7. @harriet? @wuqijun? I can take 3 folks comfortably…

Depending on which day, I might have to commute all the way from East Bay :weary:

See, a buffet in Daly City sounds about right (distance wise)…


We could do San Tung and reserve the Banquet Room but we might actually have more than the room can hold comfortably…


Look we need a place that wouldn’t mind us hanging out a bit for Stealing Santa. So, that probably is a no for San Tung. East Lake probably would allow us to hang out right, Manch?

Realistically some place in the peninsula would be best distance-wise. Somewhere in San Mateo?

If you want a room all to ourselves I know a couple Denny’s… :smile:

Come on, East Lake!!! I am coming all the way from the Sunset!!!

Are we all meeting for the first time? Did you guys do anything last year?

I don’t know if Manch or any of the others ever met during the Redfin forum days…

I can’t believe I am willing to meet up with you guys/gals… but then again I do need to eat for one of those nights in Dec…

We have never met face to face. If only people from SF want to meet it probably makes more sense just to pick a local joint. Seems like you all are living in Sunset anyway…

If more people from East or South Bay want to join a mid point like San Mateo may work better.

Ok, then I think we will also need a meet and greet session to break the ice… pre-dinner cocktail :grin:

Nooo, I am not going to risk getting a DUI… I will drive all the way to East Lake to meet with you all for some good Chinese food and fun. I will not go anywhere else!!! I am willing to drive 3 folks from the Fab 7x7. Otherwise, count me out…

Ok I’ll carpool with you… :slight_smile:

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We could do one earlier before this. I’m in the south bay, who else is down here? Sounds like I’m *sniff sniff all alone :frowning:

Ok, from the Safeway on Noriega it is a mere hour or so… we can do an early dinner if you like…

God, I have to think of some absolutely hideous white elephant gift to bring…oooow something with durian would be good…


Ok…stay away from @notabene’s white elephant gift…

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How about we increase the value of white elephant to no less than $50 and no more than $100?

Gosh, the dinner bill at 5 Star East Lake is gonna cost us each a bill already @wuqijun!!! We are certainly ordering off the menu if it is East Lake…(ok, @harriet, game on for live prawns, lobsters, crabs, abalone, geo duck, shark fin(?) or is that not PC? ok bird’s nest…etc)

Hey Manch, does East Lake have televideo conference capabilities so that our far away friends like @marcus335 and @Elt1 can at least join us visually???:laughing:

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