Holiday Summit 2017


Tell @Elt1 to fly in on his private jet. There’s space :slight_smile:


Count me in. Coming from the peninsula.


Do they serve hamburgers and fries??..I dont know if I can handle exotic food…lol


If you are picking people up, I will come. Just take 101 to 152 to I-5. South on 5 until you hit orange ave, just south of San Diego. Take the orange ave exit and it turns into Olympic parkway. Give me a call when you get there.


No problem, be there in 2025. :joy:


San Francisco would be much better for me if possible


We’ll order you some broccoli beef and sweet and sour pork for you…real chinese food :grinning:


Gosh, ok, maybe we set up a poll and whatever wins (which means whichever area is most convenient for you) we pick someplace there. Sorry, @Elt1, I don’t believe South Lake Tahoe is going to come out in the Top 3…


If this is going to be a “summit”, there has to be something more substantial besides food, fun, and games…


Yeah, let’s invite him for some Q&A…

Just eat and steal someone’s fav gift!!! Tha’t all you need to know and do for an evening!!!



Totally count me in, might have family trip to Burma in December, but hopefully we are doing in early part of the month!


I propose neutral ground…Preferably where they have the best strip clubs… Vegas, San Antonio, or Honolulu. .My preference would be Roys in Honolulu


You know what, I’d probably be okay if we end up going to Panda Express. At least I know what to expect when I order orange chicken…


When are you going? We will try to accomodate you and everyone else…


Ok, start thinking about a place in the peninsula or which Denny’s Manch…

I actually have not voted yet…which means I can go anywhere.



Here are some other groups that meet…


Another is The Peninsula Investment Forum…Sponsored by First American Exchange. …


OMG, I told my wife that we are planning a holiday get together kiddingly because I need to fend for myself for each of the days in December when she is gone. Of course, she has to screw with me by sending me photos of some dishes she made yesterday…(not cool, Sweetie, not cool)



Anyone invite senseamp?


After his investment disaster last year Senseamp votes for McDonald’s. .