Holiday Summit 2017


I’ll vote for in&out


Really??? :face_vomiting:


How about a private room in tai wu restaurant in millbrae, seats 18 for their biggest table


Aah, so timely information (since it sounds like we are leaning away from a one price buffet…)


whoever richest just pay for the bill. problem solved.


How about we keep notes through out the meal. If we are sharing a dish of walnut shrimp that costs $20, and you personally ate 5 out of the 10 shrimps on the dish, then you are responsible for $10… we still have to take into account the walnuts though, which might be tricky because then you’d have to figure out the value of those walnuts with respect to the shrimp… :rofl: :rofl:


And you wonder why I don’t have any kids…


So would you mind compiling a list with everybody’s net worth on it and post it on this thread? :rofl:


who owns multiple expensive property here. start betraying your buddy and post what you know. haha


Wait… that’s not the complete picture though. There’s also stocks, bank accounts, and bitcoins. Everything needs to be taken in account here. No stone left unturned. :rofl:


Geez…let’s meet for a boba drink and call it a “summit”…

As long as it is not the freaking expensive durian boba drink (over 10 bucks), I’ll buy…


Um… in that case the turnout would probably be 0…


come on rich people, you got to share wealth and feed the poor(me).


What’s wrong with boba drink? I want Purple Kow’s matcha milk tea with boba and pudding 50% sweet…


Come on @harriet, don’t lower your standards just because @sfdragonboy agreed to pay for a cheap drink. Um… you guys can go and get that drink after the “summit” is over.


Actually, why am I paying? I don’t drive a Beemer…:cry:


I love boba drinks. I am up for it. btw, just split the bill equally if no alcohol is involved. I think it’s more or less fair. :slight_smile:


Oh come on!!! :rofl:


Well, it looks like we are probably headed for Dave and Buster’s so there may be some alcohol ordered. Since everyone is soooooo savvy with their RE and stock purchases, I expect everyone to be able to figure out what their portion of the tab is (plus tax and tip)…


What do you mean? I like boba way more than diet coke or whatever they offer at Dave & Buster’s. I don’t drink alcohol.