Removing (smaller) trees


Tell me about removing small trees. In particular, I want to remove trees that are maybe 6-8" across so that I can plant fruit trees. I want the stump removed too.

Who do you normally call to have small trees removed? Gardener or tree people?

I want the stumps out so that I can plant new trees. What’s the typical/best/weirdest way to do that? I know sometimes they dump a fungus on the tree stump to rot it. But I’d kind of prefer someone just dig it up so I can plant this season. Is that costly?

Some of these trees are along the neighbor’s retaining wall. What issues should I keep in mind if I try pulling those out? My husband wants to have the wall inspected before we do.


Tree? I just pull it off.
I did the opposite, removed all fruit trees, replaced with flowers :slight_smile: I told the gardener to do it.


Gardener can handle it. Dig out the stumps and roots. Use a stump grinder if you have access.


Yes, small trees gardener can handle. Make sure you get estimation with stump removal. They need to hire stump remover (home depot provides stump grinder on rental basis) and it takes time.

Reg “neighbor’s retaining wall”, at one time tree branch fell over wall and broke 8 feet. Since I already informed neighbor about cutting the trees (esp not letting children or dogs near by), I replaced it with my cost.

Same way, one small branch hit a window glass, broken, I replaced it. These are extra cost I incurred.


Will it work for you ?


Did it by myself…
Yes, my back almost killed me later but job was done. I did not ask for quotes



I think I could pull the trees out whole using that!!! Then just have to cut in half to dump in bins.


Looks like $60 at Home Depot. This is excellent Dino!!! Thank you so much. That would allow me to do the trees on my own time.


Based on my gardener request, I rented a stump grinder (he took it in his car) for $50 for four hours. He removed many trees with it.


Each to his own :slight_smile: My goal is to grow my own food. But I love flowers too. Debating about replacing half the trees with roses.

What I don’t want is a row of Italian cypress in the only area that gets full sun. :frowning: That is neither beautiful nor tasty.


Can we not just dump the stump into the green compost bins?

I should’ve done this over Christmas!!! Free tree pickup. Or free Christmas trees.


Stump grinder does not remove the roots. The problem may pop up later (may not) if you have too many roots - your new plants may not grow well (or at all). Happend to meonce and to my friends.

Jacking method may remove some roots. I would recommend you to gid out as many roots as you can.


This method is pretty brute force. I like it! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Oooh. I thought the stump grinder was for disposal. :slight_smile: oops.


My trees were big, can not use Jack by any way, almost 2 to 3 story building heights.


That was my tree
I used car jack to take stump out.
Farm Jack will work with small trees and some roots


This is stump


And bunch of big roots i took out with Farm Jack


Nobody got my joke on this when I said just pull it off. Or largely ignore the typo.


Be careful- your jocks can steer ppl far away fom real world :wink: