Republicans using terrorist tactics

We saw this when the last incident with Dr. Ford. Her phone was ringing off the hook and the callers were threatening her life.
Same as women accusing the liar in the white house. All women, were hiding scared for their lives.

Florida man.
Is anyone here - on either side of the political fence - surprised? :grin:

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I guess he took it seriously when Pelosi and Hillary said to be uncivil.

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Pathetic response. Are you 4 years old? :smiley::smiley::smiley:

You must be one of those “good people” marching down the street with torches and running over Americans.



I think you’re confused, since Antifa is left wing. BLM riots are left wing too. Both attack citizens and police officers. In your own San Jose, it was the left attacking Trump supporters while SJPD did nothing about it on orders from the mayor.


Stop deflecting the topic. One thing is to get into fist fights, another one is calling people with death threats, typical of Communist republicans. KGB must be a good teacher.

You own this one comrade. Now, go back to work, your boss may be wondering why that production is too low. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Yawn. You can’t even use terms correctly. You don’t even understand communism vs. capitalism and which system each party supports. I don’t own anything. That’s as ignorant as saying you own anytime someone from your country murders someone in the US.


I can call you a coward. Were you here commenting or trying to educate the author of this topic what Communism is, or you are again, as an independent radical, worse than democrats, a chicken?

Are you just hurling random insults or do you actually have a coherent point? It’s hard to tell when you misuse words so frequently. It makes it impossible to tell what your point is.

They caught the perp.
A Filipino from Florida
The DNA evidence will show he is related to Elizabeth

He has a lengthy criminal record. I guess being soft on crime isn’t such a good idea. Also, Florida permanently bans felons from voting, so how was he a registered republican? I thought you had to be eligible to vote to register with a party.


Dead people are allowed to vote in Florida. They keep sending ballots after you are dead.


“Lock him up”?

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If people are going to condemn it, then go ahead and condemn all of it. Otherwise it’s just another moron showing his own bias.

Let’s not go into false equivalence. I do not recall Obama calling republicans traitors, the mob, evil, treasonous, encouraging that they be beaten up (and if there’s a problem that he would cover their legal bills), pardoning felons convicted with due process by the DoJ (say Arpaio), etc. Trump has really ratcheted up the hate using nationalistic and fascist rhetoric.

At the same time he weakened the ability to protect against the terror he whips up by not allowing the DoJ to pursue cases of domestic terrorism (despite their multiple reports that the number one concern is radical right wing terrorists in the US) and moved their funding and attention elsewhere.

This event was not a question of if, but when. And I am surprised it actually took this long and it was this competent. btw there’s a lot of smaller issues that go unreported like the mentally ill guy that just got arrested who killed 2 african american people in a grocery store after his initial plan to do a shooting in a black church failed


What about the woman who got killed by the Nazis in Charlottesville? There was video footage of a black man lying on the ground being brutally beaten by thugs there, and some were recently arrested.


Thanks for exactly proving my point. Did anyone care when Obama called police racist? Did anyone care when Obama said BLM does good work after massive riots? Did anyone care when the DNC had the mother’s of the movement on stage and recognized fake narratives which caused riots? Are you saying Obama didn’t pardon anyone? In the last month, Waters, Pelosi, and Hillary have all encouraged democrat supporters to be uncivil towards republicans. What about the violence of Antifa? If you want to talk about presidential treatment of media, what about Obama and fox news?