Republicans using terrorist tactics


Again. don’t go down false equivalence. Obama did not call police racists. You should understand as well as me he has always been about nuance and structured thinking. He rightly pointed out there is a challenge in policing that in certain areas there is disproportionate actions against African Americans when it comes to policing and that we need both sides to work together.

Please point me to a single place where he made a blanket statement that the Police are racists.

Also you are missing my point. Every president exercises their pardon powers. No one has abused their powers like Trump who has arbitrarily been pardoning allies to show that he cares about loyalty and not justice and issued pardons without DoJ workups or due review



so, Obama was railing against violence done to law enforcement. The exact opposite of your earlier statement:

"There is no possible justification for these kinds of attacks or any violence against law enforcement," Obama said, speaking from the NATO summit in Poland that he is attending. "Anyone involved in the senseless murders will be held fully accountable. Justice will be done."


You clearly didn’t read all of it. You cherry pick one part as if it disproves he didn’t say the criminal justice system is racist. You clearly have no desire for info that doesn’t conform to your bias.




I think he was just upset that reddit shut down the Qult. Cesar Sayoc == QAnon??!


If we’re talking about violent inducing rhetoric…


The mail bombing suspect is a male stripper, exotic dancer, and lives in a van.

He is pro-Trump, anti-CNN, anti-Democratic


He bought a house in Fort Lauderdale but got foreclosed in 2009.

“Along the way, Sayoc racked up a long rap sheet for everything from grand theft and battery to making a bomb threat against Florida Power & Light. He was also accused of domestic violence by a woman who appears to have been his grandmother.



Stormy and Cesar. Something about Trump that attracts failed strippers…:sunglasses:


The whole story is a sensation because of the “man bites dog” aspect. From BLM to Antifa and their antics just this month political violence in the US is the almost exclusive domain of the fringe left, egged on by the likes of Maxine Waters and others.
And the funny part is, the more we find out, the more this guy looks about as political as John Hinckley.


Cesar was a loser his whole life. Never could accomplish anything. Even in his infamy. I wonder if those tiny little 5 ounce bombs would actually explode?
They were 6 inches long. With 6 first class stamps made from plastic pipe. With maybe two ounces of gunpowder. Look like big fire crackers to me. The Unabomber was a maniac and a genius. Cesar is just an idiot.
Of course the liberals and the media say this was the largest attack on the American government since the civil war. Horseshit.


Of course the media will exploit this to promote their agenda. When in reality it is is a lone wolf nut without all the baggage of politics


Media is the source of evil


I blame it all on the progressives. The left has since the 60s tried to push their revolution on the rest of us.
The country has come a long way. But if someone complains or refuses to be PC they are shamed and publicly attacked. Conservatives are not allowed to talk at universities. People have there careers ruined for saying minor shit like Rossane or Megan. Regulations keep insulting our intelligence and dignity.
And yet the left keeps demanding more and more bullshit. Sorry but the silent majority had had enough and elected their own junk yard dog … Trump


That just shows their ignorance of American history.


Check the edit trail. This is just fanatics and trolls swapping his party affiliation after the fact. Been happening pretty often recently. No one denies he’s a right wing extremist. Those of you in the right wing news bubble need to get out of it. Plus you know it was a republican that made the edit as only right wing extremists use the term democrat party as they view it as insulting. Democrats would say democratic party


So why don’t you tell me what you think is relevant? I saw various right wing aligned people accuse Obama of it but no actual saying. I would argue your statement can be applied to you that you don’t have desire for info that doesn’t conform to your bias