Republicans using terrorist tactics


The left and right both have their share of fanatics on the fringe. Both sides try to portray extremists on the other side as mainstream. This is the mess that our two party system has gotten us into.

On the left there’s antifa, abolish Ice, and government-sponsored heroin injection sites.

On the right there’s “blood and soil,” neonazis, beatings at Charlottesville, and the claim that the “caravan” of starving children from Honduras is actually full of Isis fighters sponsored by George Soros…and the 56 yr old stripper who wants to “make America great again” while living in a van with his mom down by the river.

None of these ideas/policies are mainstream with educated, moderate liberals and conservatives. Anyone who portrays them as such is stoking the fire of identity politics and doing a disservice to our country.


People on Caravan refused Mecico’s offer for benefits. So they have a choice to settle in Mexico and have a good life there to work, go to school. Since they refused Mexico’s offer, it seems that they want an economic immigration instead of refugee.


You know who else was worried sick about the caravan? The synagogue shooter.


So he was worried about caravans then shoot the Jewsish people? Where’s his logic reasoning?


These people have no logic. That’s why they kill.


We should make the criminal justice system stronger. Jail these illogical criminals so that good people can stay away from harm.

Also maybe ban those journalists who don’t report facts and make journalism a career of writting one sided opinion piece. Some people have no ability to differentiate facts from journalist’s personal opinions.


Maybe the synagogue shooter thought George Soros funded the caravan? Didn’t the right say the caravan is a conspiracy created by the left?

Another fine gentleman from the Republican Party:


The Pittsburgh shooter is an avowed anti-Semite all his life. He shouted shouted “All Jews must die!” before killing.

Why do these anti-Semite exists? Why do they hate Jews? Is it an envy of the great success Jewish people worked hard to obtain?


What is the point? I go find more evidence so you can pretend it doesn’t exist. You already proved you don’t care about info presented. You’re accusing me of not considering info. Go ahead and present some actual info. All you did is take one small quote and pretend it represents everything said in the statement. Then you pretend it disproves several points made when the quote only addresses one.


It looks like the bomb mailer may have some mental illnesses.

I just voted yes on prop 2.


He reminds me of Warren. Convinced he is a Seminole Indian. Despite all evidence to the contrary


You made a claim, I contested it. You provided some info that said the opposite of what you claimed as evidence of your view. I pointed it out. Now you say there’s no point finding information that will prove your point as I would just discount it. Not sure how you can convince someone they are wrong with that kind of statement


This Pittsburgh shooter does not support Trump. He is not of any political party.

A voter registration for Robert D. Bowers states that he is an unaffiliated voter.


Nobody said he’s a Trump supporter.

These people have weak and unstable minds. They are easily persuaded by the rage and the fake emergency peddled by media and politicians including Trump.


Yeah, media can be bad. Don’t believe in media blindly :joy:

Also don’t believe your professors and teachers blindly like a kindergarten kid. Even a professor or a teacher can have his or her own agenda, same as media.


Not all media are created equal. Mainstream ones are better than some fringe groups online.


Even a seemingly good professor can brain wash you to her like. Need to own your brain and take the media with a grain of salt.

Should the judge be allowed to give dealth penalty sentence to extremely bad citizens?


OTOH there’s a lot of coded language that Trump uses that promotes anti-semitism. E.g. his use of the terms nationalist and being against globalists (which is a dog whistle for anti-semitism). There is also him promoting anti-semitic behavior such as just yesterday when the led chants of “lock him up” against George Soros. Trump’s hards are dirty in this. He has been encouraging behavior that will ultimately lead to events like this with unstable folks


His son inlaw is Jew. Is it too much a stretch to say Trump is anti-Semitic?


Trump only looks out for himself. I don’t think he cares much about anyone other them himself. Maybe a little for his daughter Ivanka.

He has a pattern of being sympathetic to anti-semitic causes. Look at how he said there were “good people on both sides” when referring to the charlottlesville attacks by neo nazis and white nationalists against counter protestors.