Republicans using terrorist tactics


Ugh. False equivalence or just plain non-sequitor?



Brian Williams the liar in chief at NBC compared the Cesar attack to the attack on Lincoln and his cabinet. The liberals have gone insane due to hatred of Trump. He is the only conservative immune to their constant whining and harping


On a really interesting note having to do with Muslims-9/11:

I was over at the house of some Indian immigrants, and we were talking about how long it takes to get a Green card now–apparently 10 years now whereas before 9/11 it was 1 year. She said “A handful of people ruined it for all of us.”



I doubt the greencard has much to do with 9/11. A lot of nations (muslim dominant ones included) still get it around 1.5yrs mark.

Indians have it the might get worse if trump keeps his promise of stopping chain immigration.


Yes, the quota is country specific. Indians and Chinese have huge wait times.


Is that discrimination based on country of origin?


No. Us has no obligations to its noncitizens and prospect immigrants are exactly that. Noncitizens.


I have a coworker from Chile. He has his final interview for green card this month. He’s been in the US less than 2 years. He even waited 6 months to start the green card process. He wasn’t sure he wanted to stay in the US.

I have another from India who took 17 years to get citizenship. He said green card was 8 years.


Maybe they’re wrong, but they specifically said the change happened after 9/11. I was a bit puzzled why India would be 10 years and others less, but maybe something happened around the same time to make the waiting time longer.


Every country get the same green card quota each year. It’s a number’s game. Billion people country with lots of swe would have a huge wait list.


Now, they hate Indians. Jesus!
Republicans hate Indians!
That’s new to me!

We don’t think he’s suitable as a practicing Muslim to be vice chair because he’d be the representative for ALL Republicans in Tarrant County, and not ALL Republicans in Tarrant County think Islam is safe or acceptable in the U.S,” Dorrie O’Brien, a member of the GOP’s executive committee, said on Facebook.

Shafi, a trauma surgeon, is a U.S. citizen and immigrant from India.