Residents increasingly unhappy with Bay Area life, new poll finds

When will people sell their houses and move the heck away? I am in the market and can use less competition.

Yogi: Nobody goes there anymore. It’s too crowded.

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50% above market price, is yours :slight_smile:

When people complain, is a good thing, they want things to improve. If they don’t complain, be very worried, they have/ are planning to move away.

Unhappy people should sell their houses at a discount. We buyers are doing them a service.

People are so happy that house prices went up 36% in one year? Maybe they didn’t ask the homeowners.

Google maps still shows the “town” of “Grabtown” off of Tunitas creek road a bit below 35. There’s nothing there. Logging men to showed up in the 20’s through the 40’s because the pay was good. But life was so rough in those days they drank away most of that pay. When a man just couldn’t stand it anymore he up and left and those remaining would rush in to “grab” his shack that he likely built with his own hands and any goods he left behind. Seems things are coming full circle.

Those of us that remember how great the Bay Area was are unhappy. Most people that have moved there in the last 50 years never saw the golden age. My Dad moved to Berkeley in 1946, it was a paradise. Especially for the next 20 years till the hippy invasion.

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A friend of mine born and raised in south bay remembers people pumping gas in 1960s could afford to buy a home. He recalls not many streets in the area were paved till 1970s. Gravel roads were norm. These days lot of high tech workers can only afford pigeon holes sold as condo. He remembers pumping gas was an occupation. Automated pumps have killed that profession as more automation will do away with many others. But, the point is definitely people are putting a lot more effort to make both ends meet.

From my own memory I recall passing through Martinez bridge (680 NB) in first half 1990s. I did not have cash for toll and they would not take credit card. The car behind me told the toll both attendent to let me go and they paid for it. Probably they saw plate on my car from mid-west and figured a bozo from some village has arrived in California. I wish I had a way to say thanks to the driver behind me. Some time people amaze you with their nice little consideration.

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Nobody comes to Bay Area for gravel roads. For that there’s always Montana. People come here to shape the future, not sitting on front lawn reminiscing about the past.

There are 48 states between California and Montana. The destination depends upon the nature and the need of the person. Settlers usually go to place that is already settled and established. Pioneers try new area. People who are well settled and have established business and social interest in an area have less incentive to move. There is nothing extraordinary in being a work-alcoholic , nor is there a pride in living laid back. It all depends upon what keeps you happy. I have friends who commute 3 hours every day and they are very proud of it. They are even able to get some quality time with their children. Some of my friend spend 50 minutes in BART coach standing from origin to destination. They have smelled all kind of perfume available in market. They are expert in their own way. At the end of the day it is basically one question. Do you live to work, or do you work to live!

Get off my lawn:sunglasses:

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The time when the Bay Area shapped the future is long past.

CA today has the highest poverty rate in the nation. Pretty sure this wasn’t the case in the 60s or 70s?


It also has some of the worst public schools. They were some of the best in the 70’s.

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Where is Silicon Valley again? Iowa?

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It’s not Bay Area life I’m unhappy with, it’s our legislators… I think I’d honestly feel a great weight lifted from my shoulders if Sacramento got hit by a meteor while the gov was in session. :frowning:


I actually depend on state legislators to save me from the local pols which are 10 times crazier… :cry:

Isn’t your local pol now governor? Seems to me you’ve gone from the frying pan into the fire and taken the rest of us with you.

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Newsom is the saner one in Sac. Besides is he good looking or what? He always has that going for him. :smile:


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Silicon Valley no longer shapes anyone’s future. That was back in the times others in this thread romanticize. It’s degenerated from a valley abuzz with a million innovative start-ups to a few monoliths which do nothing but collect, monetize and monopolize your personal information to target ads aimed at getting you to buy crap you don’t really need. Nothing that improves the human condition. Just cannibalization of the existing order.


That’s what I thought but @manch doesn’t care so long the apps is free. I avoid using Google and Facebook unless force too. Sold all FBs except 6 shares. Mark is a genius but he should earn his $$$ more decently and not by selling their privacy.

Good. Can they do it for free now that they have amassed $billions of net worth.

Opportunistic. What Uber did is not new, copycat from long ago. Then the latency of network is so bad and the cell phone is so primitive, the concept didn’t work.