Retail is Not Dead Yet

Customers cussed at him and threw ice cream at him. Finally, Don-Wesley Andrews had enough. He quit McDonald’s in Sacramento, California, for a job at Wal-Mart.

Like many other Americans, 22-year-old Andrews improved his life just by moving to retail from fast food. Longer lunch break, paid time off, even a quarterly bonus – and no french fry fragrance clinging to his clothes.

“Wal-Mart’s not perfect, but compared to fast food, it’s much, much, much better,” Andrews said.

Come on, really? For this site and for our esteemed readers/posters??? Must be slow RE news day…:slight_smile:


Hey, the Fab 7x7 does not have one… Do you have one there in SLT @Elt1?

Carson City…has it all even paint…Prefer to shop Home Depot…I tell all my wifes single girl friends to go to Home Depot to find eligible bachelors. …lol…

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So that’s the secret…

Hmmm, that would explain that woman in the Tools section who was fondling the screwdrivers…

Massive Bishop Ranch retail development is finally bringing out the shovels

San Ramon is about to get a 300,000-square-foot injection of new retail space now that a long-awaited project is finally breaking ground.

Sunset Development’s City Center Bishop Ranch is bringing out the shovels Tuesday to get started on a 15-acre retail development that will house 60 stores, a one-acre park, cafes and a 10-screen upscale cinema and entertainment center to anchor it.

Wow, it’s kind of surprising an architect like Renzo Piano would take on a mundane project like this one. As I recently learned, he was the designer of Paris’ controversial Pompidou Centre in the 60s. It says there will be ~500 apartments. Will draw enough people to survive?

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Piano is a big shot? Did not know. :slight_smile: So maybe Silicon Valley’s gravity will move eastward a bit more now. I long argue Pleasanton/Dublin/SR should share more of SV’s action. Housing is relatively plentiful. I drive on 580 every once in a while. There are still acres upon acres of empty fields.

I figure retail and fast food kinda similar…oops wrong thread, wake up…

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Walmart’s Warehouse Chain Tries to Get High-Tech With Test Store

The War Inside 7-Eleven

The company has been battling its store owners for years. It seems to have found a new tool: U.S. immigration authorities.

Come on, Macy’s, I’m rooting for ya!!!