Retail is Not Dead Yet





There’s a spin to this.

People are buying anything online, they try it on, if not convinced, they go the physical store and return it.

I don’t know how much of the retailer’s profit goes up on the air with the shipping expenses.






What? The pickup option is all it takes to beat Amazon???:grinning::grinning::grinning:


I don’t get the pickup option. You still have to deal with traffic, parking, and going into the store.


Pickup at a convenient time, I will choose a low traffic or less crowded or when I pass by. No need to worry some1 stealing your package outside your house.


Pickup is a better option when you need something last minute rather than wait for delivery. And it’s more cost effective for the retailer than 1-hr deliveries.


I don’t mind going there to pick up if the line is short. Going through the whole store to find what you need is a big waste of time.

There are challenges for the online order and store pickup.


I get why retailers offer it. Delivery is expensive. I don’t get why consumers think it’s so great. It’s not that much of a time saver. What percent of a shopping trip time is saved by using it?


I have personally found it to be quite useful many times including right before this Christmas. It all depends on if you can optimize the pickup to be on the way for a trip/commute you were going to make in any case.

Shopping time savings is substantial since it’s prepaid. You simply show the QR code on your mobile and pick up your item. No need to wander around in a big box store with a shopping cart and then stand in line at checkout.

Some retailers even offer a curbside pickup.


They don’t have lines to show the code for pickup? I figured they’d under staff that the same as checkout lanes.


Retailers on the left are thriving, the ones on the right are dying. In Toys R Us’ case, it’s already dead.


Gap is opening stores? That one is surprising.


Yeah. I thought Gap is dying? Maybe they mean the whole Gap inc and Old Navy is doing well I think.


Rise!!! Rise!!! (I am running out of material here…)