Retail is Not Dead Yet


I read somewhere the mall owners actually want Sears to die. It’s that bad.


That’s not surprising. They probably want a new tenant that’ll actually drive traffic to the mall. I think anchor tenants get a better deal (/sq ft) under the premise they drive traffic and let the landlord charge more /sq ft for the rest of the space.


Anchor tenants like Sears got some sweetheart deals from malls. If they got in trouble they can pay reduced rent for a number of years. That’s why the mall owners hate Sears. They don’t think Sears will ever get back to health and so hate to fund its fruitless effort.


Let Sears die already, gawd.


Bring back Montgomery Ward (for you old folks…)!!!


Ok, what is the over/under???



They are tearing down the Macy at Stonestown, right next to my gym. Did they say what they are turning it into?


Last I heard was Whole Foods, Sports Basement, and a movie theater were going taking over that space.


WOW!! Whole Food!! Hmm… but that may mean parking will be even more difficult. All those damned UCSF students park their cars there the whole day. :rage:


Flesh and blood robots for Amazon’: They raid clearance aisles and resell it all online for a profit



Walmart is giving AMZN a taste of its own medicine.



• Best Buy (NYSE:BBY) surges 16.5% after impressing with its holiday quarter update, topping comparable sales estimates for both the domestic and international businesses.

• Best Buy management cited strong demand for wearables, appliances and smart home devices during the quarter and noted over 1M members signed up for the technical support program.

• “We continued to drive efficiencies and reduced cost in order to find investments and offset pressure,” stated Best Buy CEO Hubert Joly on the post-earnings conference call.

• Shares of Best Buy have cracked $70 for the first time since November this morning.


Brick or mortar won’t be gone because there are many people like me like to buy what they can see physically :slight_smile: not some digital images. For grocery - fresh looking, for clothes, WYSIWYG.


Jack Ma was the pioneer in the online-offline retail fusion trend everybody is copying. That’s why amazon bought Whole Foods. If Bozos were not so busy sending dick pics maybe he could execute better. Nothing much happened to Whole Foods after the merger.


Please don’t joke. China only know how to copy, not innovate.

Bozos did something. Made a splash lowering price and then quietly increases the price later.


My mistake. I meant Jack Ma time travelled to 2017 and saw Amazon bought Whole Foods and went back to the past to copy Bozos’ brilliant idea.


Can you crazy guys make up your mind?

There’s another where the opposite to this one is happening. :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing: