Rich Renters


Another interpretation of this “rich renters” phenomenon is that investing your money in stocks instead of real estate makes you richer than home owners. :smile:


I was stupid to involve myself in real estate. Should’ve gone with stocks all the way… :tired_face:


Convincing yourself aloud? Filthy rich own houses to boast or to have affairs like Bezos or host erotic party. Definitely not for investment.


How do you know theses rich renters invest in anything?


Same way you know they don’t have money for down payment. :wink:


How is your 10x leverage doing? You should sell all your houses and buy the dip :rofl:


@wuqijun keeps reminding me my investing acumen is not that great. I should have stuck to real estate. :cry:


You have a really rich tenant. Try to learn something from her.

I wish for a 50% time in Hawaii


She’s an elderly lady enjoying her golden years. You’re not quite there yet.


That’s because you kept going in and out of stocks… I get dizzy even thinking about it… :dizzy_face:


Hmm, why not enjoy her golden years all year around in Hawaii? Sometimes people do weird things


She likes her job here too much.


Did you lose your gain? Or even lost some principal? We didn’t even have a bear market. It was just a correction.

Sell all the stocks and buy more houses then.


He traded far too often. I hardly trade in the 10x portfolio.


If full cash paid for real estate, that is not so great, better to be in stocks.
Even now, Mortgage leverage is attractive fro real estate as ROI will be higher or at least equal to stocks.


You don’t think cloud royals would beat the hell out of RE and FANG going forward?
Many of them had bounced 40-60% from Christmas eve, and at ATH. For example,

Next 10x Stock Winner

If you buy real estate, say at bay area or Austin, when will you sell? 5 years or 10 years or 15 years?
Which of the “cloud royals” you will buy now and hold it the same period of the real estate said above?
No one in this forum has done such a research to hold long for any cloud royals. All of the members has been following Cloud with market swings. None will hold if those cloud drops more than 25%.

Can you name any cloud royal which you will buy now for $25000 or $50000 and hold for long like real estate?


Which one you will put $50000 now and hold for 10 years?


Not buying any cloud stocks and RE now! See what happen from now till Mar 1 before deciding. Don’t want to be trumped. I have SPLK and VEEV for long term :slight_smile: Which one in the list that you think could be candidates for buying after Mar 1?


What do you mean Trumped? I do not understand.

Why after Mar 1st?