Rich SF residents get a shock: Someone bought their street


The plaintiffs are poor Asians. The defendants are rich white people. Who do you think is going to win that case? Money will side with money… :wink:


They must appeal.


If they paid 90k cash for a street they are not “poor asians”


Relatively speaking… :rofl:


They are not poor, just stupid…Lawsuits are dumb way to make money…they should be spending their efforts on finding the next real estate gem. Not wasting money on lawyers


They must honestly think they have a fighting chance or were advised by council of that. Lets see if David can beat Goliath again…


They are delusional and being lied to by their lawyers. I know one of the owners. He is a lawyer and a real estate genius. Like Mr Wonderful in Shark tank. He will crush them.


Perhaps… but good theater for us to munch some popcorn and discuss…


Right. Don’t waste time on this money loser. Get up, dust off, and look for other opportunities. They lost, no matter how unfair it looks.


Life is not fair. Learn to pick winners. And never look back.


Not that it should or will get to a courthouse near me, but you know that people tend to side with the underdog and the relatively poorer party. The couple will use the race and wealth card every chance they get.


This thing will never go to a jury


Ok, progress, nearly 5K…


No way! Keep fighting! The longer you fight, the more your book and movie rights will be worth when they make a story about you!


don’t give them ideas.


I wonder rather give money to Ms Wu who is being sued by money grubbing leech tenants.


The rich simply get perks that you and I don’t get…


Yeah, you rich people better hand over a check!!!


Must be nice to be rich. You don’t have to pay property taxes or water bills. I wonder what other bills they don’t have to pay. No wonder they are so rich!


I hate these scum bags so much I can’t wait to join them. :smile: