Rich SF residents get a shock: Someone bought their street


Ha! These guys would all make more money if it was turned into a reality TV show. But maybe they can write a book and get movie rights.


Agreed. It’s well written. :slight_smile: They’ve pulled the race and class cards. Who won’t root for them, the underdogs, now? Very SF.


Uh, contributing a red cent @Terri???

(cue sounds of crickets track…)


Sure. I’ve been told pennies aren’t worth anything anyways. They can have my pennies.


If everyone decided to donate a penny to them, they would be $300 million richer. Don’t do it!!!


The are shameless opportunistic and classless… they have been using the media since day one. If they had silently negotiated in the beginning with a smart lawyer they would have doubled their money… now they will just make their lawyer a few bucks


Maybe you can sell them your Discovery Bay property… tell them there is a private street on there somewhere…


I sold it on a contract of sale. Just home the buyers are not media whores like this couple…


Isn’t it just $3M?

And really it’s their lawyer getting rich.

Maybe I should go to law school…


Oh yes… I was thinking if everyone had donated a dollar… :smile:


I once considered law school too in one of my darkest moments. Even went thru the trouble of taking the LSAT. Glad I didn’t follow thru.

Read somewhere law schools have lots of trouble getting students. The AI wave is going to put a lot of junior lawyers out of work. Unlike medical doctors where nobody cares where you went to school, for lawyers unless you graduated from one of the top 10 don’t even bother.



The precedent is SCARY. The people follow the law to buy a piece of land. The board of supervisors decided to void the sale. I don’t get how/why the board of supervisors would even have the power to do that. When taxes aren’t owed, the land goes back to the county. The county sold it in accordance with its process for recovering back taxes. How can the board of supervisors void a sale by the county treasury?

Imagine how this works. You buy a home in SF today for $1M. The value double in the next 5 years, and it’s worth $2M. The person that sold it to you comes back and says only getting $1M for the house is unfair. They demand the sale be undone. They win a board of supervisors vote and boom. You don’t own your house anymore.

Next thing you know the board of supervisors will decide paying a landlord 30 years of rent and owning nothing is unfair. They’ll order the landlord to give the property to the tenant. Property rights mean nothing to these people.


It’s because this case garnered too much publicity. So it’s not a normal case anymore. So you can’t really compare it to normal situations. Normally, the couple should be able to retain it. But it’s being special cased due to the publicity.

However, I’m sure the couple will profit from this one way or another. Not all is lost for them.


Publicity doesn’t change the law. I think they’ll eventually prevail if they keep fighting it. There’s no way the board can vote to make a sale not valid.


The couple messed with the wrong people. If it were some random poor black people’s properties the board would do nothing. But they were buddies of Feinstein so somehow it’s special.

Rich people get 2nd and 3rd and 4th chances. That’s how it works. Just makes me want to be rich that much more.


You won’t have the connections of old money people. They’ll still crush you. It’s insane how that network works. It’s more prominent on the east coast.


Come on, Dianne!!!



That’s insane. If you nullify the sale, then you have to return the money. I think this just goes to show the board has ZERO authority to overturn a sale by the county tax office. There’s no way this holds up on appeal.