Rich SF residents get a shock: Someone bought their street


Great, that’s all we need the involvement of the bumbling, stumbling Bored Of Stupidvisors…


It doesn’t help that the couple are Chinese, against old white money with deep political connections.


I’m sure racial bias will not happen. :rofl:


For sure, but the law is the law. Let’s see how it plays out. This is not a stupid couple, they knew what they were getting themselves into (or should have known) when they literally bought the street of rich people (legally).


Their intention wasn’t good to begin with. They were trying to take advantage of a loophole and people’s lacking awareness of the situation. So they should expect tons of legal trouble.


Then why the game of charades then with the city posting it for sale and then having an auction? I agree with you that they should expect some backlash but what they did was fair and square. No law was broken.


I’ve seen looking at land for sale due to back taxes. You’d be amazed how many times there’s a narrow slice of land that is between a few lots. It’s basically the last few week of the back yard of a group of lots. There’s a lot of random pieces of land out there.


Look, some rich people unfortunately got caught at their own game of knowing the intricacies of the law and taking advantage of it. Name your price, pay it, and move on. Do not pay the lawyers!!!


The rich people living there are themselves lawyers. In fact they are the best and most pricey of all lawyers. They can and will eat the young Chinese couple alive. Whatever they think they are making they are going to spend 10x on lawyer fees.


You know I like underdogs. From all that has been disclosed, the couple did nothing wrong and everything was to the letter of the law. I want to see how these lawyers will change that fact. And I am not on their side just because they are my peeps. Far from it. It was a savvy, business play that beat the big boys out of their literal streets. You gotta love it…


I am more jaded than you. I just think the American court system is often abused and justice far from even. We the yellow people already had it easy. If we were black we could be randomly shot by police.


But that’s the thing though, people will be following this David vs Goliath case and if David gets railroaded by the establishment that is not going to sit well with the masses. Rich people are, what, rich right? Pay David and go get your money back some other way. David got you…this time.


Oh… be careful now. You might be an inadvertent victim of such random gun violence due to your left and right neighbors… :thinking:


I wish they get eaten alive. Will teach them a lesson. Know their place before they try to cheat rich white lawyers out of their money…


Oh, come on!!! Let’s be honest, what they did is nothing compared to probably one of your real estate deals…


Um… you totally underestimated my integrity here. I’m not that underhanded… :laughing:


But look at what they actually did. They bid on a parcel of land that was legally up for auction. You or I could have bought it if we were quick enough. I say, good play!!!


Um… apparently they didn’t do enough due diligence. They need to be aware of who they are up against. Rich white people are not easy targets by any means…


Come on, they bought the street in Presidio Terrace! How could they not know what hornets nest they were shaking up??? This aint some street in Bayview, ok??? They knew…


Moral of the story: they should have bought in Bayview… :smile: