Rich SF residents get a shock: Someone bought their street


Um… a street on Bayview probably need to give money away to people for them to even consider taking ownership…


I don’t care…in this race, I am rooting for the CRX to beat the Ferrari!!!


I think you’ll be sorely disappointed… :frowning:


Next time you are on Youtube…search for the crx vs lambo race. Guess who won???


Frankly, I was very surprised that the couple didn’t sell the street to a Caucasian, can always negotiate the profit division.


Board of supervisors are not judges. If the city wants to void the sale, the owner can sue the city and the HOA in the court. Some judges are bad loose activists, but the owner can go all the way to the Supreme Court.

This HOA had past residents of Pelosi and Feinstein. Let’s see whether this couple has the gut and money to go the legal route. I think this case should be taken by a non profit organization and you guys can donate some for the justice. It’s an intersting case and attention grabbing, but no political significance. If I’m a lawyer, I may take the case for free for the sole purpose of media coverage.



My buddy bought DI FI 's property. I think he has a good case for a lawsuit against her… I don’t think all the owners are white… This is not a racial issue… It’s a money issue… Golden rule

He who has the money makes the rules


LOL! Truest statement ever. Who wants a piece of property that will involve a legal battle that’ll last 10 years?

If they’re smart, they’ll offer the neighborhood a deal: buy back at twice the price and be done with it.


Why don’t they sue the property managment company that missed the bills for 30 years and buy it back? Then it might have to be reassessed. Someone was collecting fees from the homeowners and failing to follow through on taxes. It is so bizarre that the parcel taxes were almost never paid for the last 70 years (since this is the second time it has happened), you have to wonder if it is part of something larger… I say follow the money :face_with_raised_eyebrow:



Don’t you have better things to do, Senator???


She sold her house to my buddy…I think there some guilt there


I was going to write a long story, but dang! Now I know the famous saying of the pot full of crabs.

Enough said.


No, really???:grinning:



Feinstein needs to go. What a disgrace.


Hey @buyinghouse,

Cisneros likes to write like you…:slight_smile:

“While it is regrettable that the address apparently had not been updated, the responsibility for doing so rests with the owner,” Cisneros said in a six-page letter to the Board of Supervisors. The board is set to consider revoking the auction sale later this month.


Me no habla español :joy:



Do they even have the authority to do that?