Rich SF residents get a shock: Someone bought their street


In case anyone wanted to know the reasons for why some of the Stupidvisors voted the way they did… (Dragonboy, shut this thread down!!!)


Sorry, but the masses are not happy…


Whatever! This couple gamed the system. It was a bureaucratic oversight. They tried to profit 10x in less than 2 years by offering the residents $1M buyback. Do they really think rich people are fools??? They didn’t become rich by giving money away to this type of opportunists! Too bad… better luck next time Mr. And Mrs. Leung… :rofl:


OMG, I can’t believe you are taking that stance!!! Aren’t you the one KNOWN to buy properties that are, let’s just say, with warts??? This couple did NOT do anything ILLEGAL!!! There was no gaming of the system. The fact is, a lot of people have lost properties in this manner, so shouldn’t they have a right to get their properties back too??? Must I remind you this is the SECOND time that this has happened to the rich farts who live there. Do you honestly believe a lot of them weren’t around the first time? Please!!!


Um… ok let’s make sure to give them a good interest rate for the time they are out the 90k as “compensation” for their “effort”… However, I wouldn’t consider anything higher than a couple of a percentage… :rofl:


If you go through the record, all I said they err’d on was being greedy. They played the game according to the rules set forth but thought incorrectly that rich people would just fork over oh 950K just like that… WRONG!!!


I have no sympathy for greedy people… they get what they deserved.


As Kenny Rogers once said, “You got to know when to hold them…know when to fold them”…


Granted I haven’t read the full details of this case. Just based off the small snippets, what kind of case can you make by saying you didn’t receive the bill. This happens to people all the time. You are expected to know you have to pay. Water bills, PGE bills, and ESPECIALLY tax bills. I didn’t know I could please stupid and woe is me to get off the hook.


They entrusted the HOA to pay bills for them. It’s like if you owned a condo you would expect the HOA to pay for the master insurance policy. If your condo caught fire and you found out the HOA stopped paying insurance for 6 months then who is to blame? You can’t possibly check in with the HOA every month to make sure they paid all their bills on time.


Dude, all rich people get rich BECAUSE they game the system.

What do you say to people who bought tons of houses off court steps in 2010? Did they game the system? You can say ordinary people lost everything because they pay their mortgage bills late. Should they have second chance too?

I really hate the idea rich people have second and third chances while ordinary joes have none. I remember reading news of a black guy getting arrested because he dared to come back for more soda from an McDonalds he left few hours ago. We have separate sets of rules. One for rich people, one for the rest of us.

Now the pragmatic in me just want to get rich enough to enjoy the preferential treatment. :slight_smile:


Maybe these rich owners should sue their HOA, who clearly dropped the ball to pay property tax. I don’t know about the San Francisco, but in Santa Clara, owners receive notification from County that even if the owners don’t receive property tax bill, it is still solely on the property owners to pay property tax. It is not a valid excuse for the owner just to say he didn’t get the bill.


Um… you mean Ghengis Khan got rich and became the emperor by murdering millions and commiting countless crimes against humanity… ok I’m with you on that one… society has progress somewhat since that time so even rich people need to play by some rules… :wink:


Next time I forget to pay my tax bills, I expect Feinstein to call the county tax collector.

San Joaquin county didn’t send me any property tax bills. They still think it’s paid out of escrow from mortgage company, so they send bills to mortgage company. Can I just not pay it then because I never get the bill? Will Feinstein call the county for me?


If you sue the HOA, you are suing yourself.

There is a chance you could sue the Board of Director’s of the HOA. They usually have insurance to cover negligence.


It’s SF. You can shoot and kill someone yet be found not guilty, since it was an accident. Accidentally not paying your property taxes is far less sever of thing than accidentally killing someone.


Are you referring to the illegal Mexican shooting verdict?


You will still have to pay a late fee. Doesn’t matter why.


Yes. If it’s an accident, then you aren’t accountable for it. They would need to prove you intended to avoid paying property taxes.


Exactly. I called the county and the rep gave me the “you are responsible for it no matter what” speech. Too bad I didn’t know Feinstein.