Rich SF residents get a shock: Someone bought their street


Either that or you do what the Chinese did… you need to be spanked 30 times by a hard wooden stick before you get to accuse someone in front of the court justice… :scream:



I am all for forgiveness ONCE, but this was the SECOND time that it happened. How do you account for that? Let’s be honest, these are generational family homes there. Not too homes there sell to different families. After the first time this happened, I expect a nice sign hung up in everyone’s marble foyer saying “Check On That Street Tax Payment!”…


Um… when I was in school I was late to class every single time… couldn’t help it even after the teacher spanked me hard in front of everyone… :rofl:


Do you know the way to San Jose… I mean… to Presidio Terrace??? :rofl:


Turned down $200k… Greedy and stupid… Now it seems they want to waste even more money on lawyers. Doubling down on stupid…


As for the couple, although they didn’t want to sell, they said they would for $1 million, then refused a $200,000 offer.

Uh, speaking about Chinese folks doing bad things that make me feel embarrassed…


The Chinese couples got too greedy, but that’s nothing embarrassing. All parties in this case were driven by greed, except DiFi who really should feel embarrassed. She abused her power for her buddies.

That’s the thing which has been upsetting most of the country. There is only one party in this country - the party of the money, the establishment. If Bernie had won the primary, I might have voted in November, and voted for him, even though I don’t think his policy is viable at all.


The thing that is embarrassing to me is that these folks simply don’t get it: people there don’t want ANYONE else owning their private street. (The ignorance to let the taxes lax for a second time is a completely separate matter.) Just because you technically legally bought something does not mean that oh it is ok and nobody should care about it. Wrong!!!


The best thing about this country is that it is driven by money. Imagine living in a country that is not (North Korea, I’m talking about you…) :wink:


I believe these 4 are against Feinstien and they support Feinstein’s competitor for Senator. Feinstein is now regarded as too moderate by these Uber leftists. They say that Feinstein sided with Trump 30%. That’s amusing.

“Feinstein has frustrated many local Democrats by voting in line with President Trump’s position more than 30 percent of the time since his election. She was recently booed at the Commonwealth Club for saying of Trump, “he can be a good president.””


Dianne is not a slouch…she ain’t going anywhere


Lam and Cheng said the property would be worth $18 million to $34 million “after it was converted to a parking lot and began generating revenue,” Dorsey said.

Like I said, embarrassing…


Wow, matter of national security for Britain, you don’t say. Then, how come you didn’t pay the $950K for everyone then?


The Lovely Couple From San Jose


I dislike DiFi more and more. Time for her to retire and reunite with her buddies in Presidio Terrace.


Please…I’ve move on from the “Bayview” to the “Sunset” of the Fab 7x7…


Lady Di


Pac Height eh? DiFi MUST GO NOW!


Where’s she going? Swapping homes with Mr. Cheng in San Jose??? :rofl:


“Why would I trade Carrara marble for Martin Yan Granite Expo sheet?”"




Sure, Dianne, let’s put an on ramp at Presidio Terrace…


Maybe we should just put a dam where the golden gate bridge is, drain the bay and we’ll have plenty of land to build houses/freeway/bridge/farms on. With the sea level rising a dam is going to be needed sooner or later.