Rise in RV homeless throughout South Bay

GILROY — This week was a street week for Aida Barron.

The 58-year-old South County native parked her 1979 Dodge Beaver recreational vehicle on a commercial cul-de-sac near the Gilroy Walmart, a ritual she does every fourth week when she needs to vacate the San Benito Thousand Trails RV park — a requirement in their bylaws.

That means that every fourth week she’s technically homeless, one of hundreds of people living in RVs in the South Bay who were counted in this year’s annual homeless census. The results, released last week, showed a huge increase in some areas, notably in cities south and north of the county’s homeless population center of San Jose. And officials and advocates said many are living out of recreational vehicles on city streets.

“There’s definitely a trend of people living in RVs because there’s just no affordable housing available,” said Dee Pearse, director of the Gilroy Compassion Center. “Waiting lists for low-income housing are three to five years long. People are opting to buy these older RVs and live in them for shelter.”

Shoot, I saw a bunch of RVs in that mall by Kaiser in Redwood City. Occasionally, I am seeing them in the sleepy Sunset where I guess you can stay a day or two before someone gets wind of you.

Mountain View edition:

See… ain’t all rosy and pie in the sky in the burbs

Stories of some of the RV folks.

Cities a have choice…Taller builidings with higher density, or streets lined with RVs.
I call for an RV march on PA…line the streets of Crescent Park with RVs…lol

RV has turned chic! Gets the Dwell treatment.


Why don’t they leave for somewhere more affordable, I did
They can too. Fresno is warmer and very affordable. Vegas, Phoenix lots of better places than the BA to be homeless

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Because frankly less services there probably and help from strangers. This is a rich area and people feel sorry for them and so they fork over a dollar or a 20 dollar bill and boom you have an epidemic on your hands.

It looks like most have jobs… So they can make more in SV than Fresno… But it is one third the cost for housing in Fresno… In Tahoe plenty make more than $12/hr and can afford $600/m per person… That is $2400 for a 4 Bd room
Similar to rents in Tracey
More than rents in Stockton. It is clear that wages determine rents… It is incumbent that BA cities encourage more supply… Mobile Home parks are probably the best short term solution

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That’s a BS story. The woman is living in an RV with 3 adult kids! C’mon. You are telling me 4 working adults can’t afford one apartment anywhere in Bay Area? Or do they have to live in Mountain View?

Americans are getting lazier by the day. People used to move across state lines for jobs. Now they don’t even want to move across town. You don’t need to move as far as Fresno. How about Gilroy? Tracy? Or Gosh, the lowly San Jose? But no, people HAVE to live in Mountain View right next to the 2nd most valuable company on the planet.

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People are lazy… But so are the people that run these cities… instead of encouraging more housing construction they just sit around and do nothing

Pols respond to voters. Building housing is a thankless job. Tax revenue is way less than building offices and malls because of Prop 13, and you got NIMBY’s screaming at you. Why bother?

Leadership takes balls and hard work… No leadership in these podunk BA cities… all a bunch of losers
The nimbyies need a slap in the face… it needs to be pointed out that their children will not be able to afford to live where they grew up…

Their children don’t need to buy. Just inherit parents’ house at an elevated tax basis.

Screw other people’s kids.

Aaah yes…1 house but 2.3 kids. Better hope it is a traditional Chinese family (oldest son wins)…

The eldest will just have to kill the other offspring
Or more likely the family cracks up and there are even more homeless
Nimbyies have created a nightmare that will bite them in the ass…

Ok, there goes my startup that focuses on family reunions…