Roseville vs Sacramento houses

We are thinking to move to either Sacramento or Roseville in near future (probably a year or 2 monce wife gets a confirmation to be able to WFH 100%.
It seems houses in Roseville are newer and public schools better.
We love quite suburb lifestyle and most our families reside in Bay Area so 2 hrs to get back to the Bay is not too bad.
Any opinion pros/cons of these 2 cities?
We Currently live in SF and have a rental property in Union City that is positively cash flow couple grands a month as fix income, which should be enough to cover the morgage for the one in Rosevile (thinking about $650-700k)


Which part of Roseville? North or south of 80? I have owned properties in Roseville and I love the vibe there. The part south of 80 kinda blends in with granite bay which is the Hillsborough of Sac. There is a big hospital there and many medical professionals live there.


Oh have you watched the movie “Lady Bird”? It’s about a young girl in Sacramento and how much she hates it. Lol. I saw it on Netflix recently. Not sure if it’s still on there. You should give it a watch for your research.

The movie taught me about East Sacramento, apparently the most expensive neighborhood in Sac.

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I live part time near Cameron Park. Had dinner last night in Eldorado Hills 15 minutes away. If you want high end suburbs I suggest our area or Granite Bay. You need to get up over 1000’ elevation to avoid winter fog and excessive valley heat. Once you get farther out into the exburbs the prices drop and you can get more land. My neighbor just paid $600k for a 3/3 2300sf on 5 acres. Needed updating but it was in move in condition. He is redoing the kitchen baths, paint and landscaping. Will probably flip it for $750k in this crazy market. He bought in February.

Good deal in Cameron Park/ Shingle Springs… 30 min to Sacramento


We recently got a 2nd home in Rocklin (near the border of Granite Bay) to weather out the Covid at a bigger house. For school, I think Roseville is probably behind Granite Bay and Rocklin but still pretty good. The houses in Roseville are newer but almost all of them have mello roos. It’s not much but just FYI. So far, we love the quiet neighborhood, space, and relaxed lifestyle. It’s been a huge change for us and I would hate to go back to the Bay area anytime soon. One negative is the lack of good food. :stuck_out_tongue:


Are the restaurants in galleria still closed?

We shop at KP international in Rancho Cordova. Forklift in Cameron park. Trader Joe’s in Folsom
Costco. Plenty of great international restaurants in Folsom. I think the 50 corridor offers better food options than highway 80

I don’t know. Haven’t been there yet.

Oh yeah, I’ve been to KP international. That place is something…a huge selection of international food.

There are Thai, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese restaurants all over the 50 corridor.

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Seems to me the area of Granite Bay right on the border of Roseville has the best bang for the bucks. What am I missing? Why is this house not selling?

Another one just came on the market:

The first one is butt ugly surrounded by paving. Definitely for someone who hates gardening or gardens in general.
Second one says basically I can’t be bothered to make any effort to market my house. Probably not really interested in selling. If I was the listing agent I would be embarrassed by the staging and photos

Cluttered dark and too personalized.
Needs to hire a professional too show the place in its best light.

750K for a 2,600 ft home in Granite Bay. Looks like a deal to me.

How do different sides of the Folsom Lake compare? Granite Bay vs Folsom vs El Dorado Hills?

The first one’s entry foyer is on the first level! You’ll have to climb stairs everyday. No wonder it’s not selling. I saw another one in Cameron Park I think with a similar architecture.

Weird house. Weird location weird layout. Great for a car nut. Lots of parking.
I prefer Eldorado hills. But landscaping is key to me… it is very expensive to install and takes years to mature. On my modest house it is worth $400,000 to me. To another buyer it may be worth nothing. But it would cost more than $400k to reproduce.
My guess is it is not on a well so the city water bill is huge… thus no green landscaping.

We drove up to Roseville today just for fun and have a feel, we love the vibe there.
Quick stop viewing these 2 650k houses outside, love them both.
The only thing we notice is that the community seems not diversity (look like majority of population there is Caucasian)
We are Asian and very easy going.
Any problem/difficulties to blend in?

Folsom is definitely more diverse.

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Roseville is 8.4% Asian vs Folsom 12.5%, according to 2010 census. I think more important than race is education profile.

41% of Roseville residents have bachelor degree or higher, vs 50% in Folsom. So Folsom wins on both counts.

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For fun, bachelor share in SF blows both out of the water.

Depends upon yourself. If you are good to others, others will be good to you. Minds must meet.