Sam Smith Moving To Berkeley?


The media…


What is up with your freaking home prices there? God, I need to sell a few more albums…



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Sam Smith is like the male version of Adele; all of his songs are sappy.

I happened to catch Sam on his SNL debute oh what a few years ago. Blew me away. That is probably one of the few SNL music guest acts that was on point. A lot of times, the music guests are crap and you wonder why they are so good to have been invited on.

He’s good, but somehow his voice becomes irritating to the ears if you listen to him for too long.

Who is Sam Smith

What? You are kidding right?

Here is Sam Smith’s Youtube music video for “I’m Not The Only One.” Yes, that is closing in on ONE BILLION views…


I also don’t know who he is… I don’t follow pop music especially if they are sung by a Brit… :rofl:

You guys are missing out! I love british music. Ed Sheeran is another good one (I actually prefer him over Sam Smith; Sam is too sappy - I’d rather listen to Adele).

Missing out on what??? :rofl:

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You need to expand your musical horizons. There’s a whole new world out there :slight_smile:

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Well… the older you get the more quiet time you would want… you’re not quite there yet, young woman… :rofl:

Actually I have listened to most of his songs… I was just joking… hard to avoid them especially if your radio happened to be on when you’re driving… :laughing:

Quiet time is great when coupled with music. Plus you can show off the fact that you know millennial music when you go karaoke with friends :smile:

Come on man!
I clicked on it but it doesn’t play? :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

See I was right… you’re not quite there yet… :rofl:

I think music will always be part of my life even when I get older. There’s a reason why I was in singing competitions at school before when I was younger.

Here you go @buyinghouse :slight_smile:


Music is still part of my life. But my taste now is Chopin, not Mr. Smith… :rofl:

You’re so old school :slight_smile: Chopin is good for study or bed time though.