San Bruno Rocking The Overbids!



Ok, nice San Bruno homes are going for $1k/sq ft…


God, San Bruno market is flaming hot!!! Everything I am looking at now in San Bruno is selling 1.3M and up…


San Bruno used to be considered undesirable part of the peninsula…


Not anymore…sfdragonboy is looking to buy…:grinning:


Everything is considered desirable now if places like Excelsior get listed for $1.3M+…


Absolutely. The entire City (including Bayview) and Peninsula (including EPA) have become “desirable”.



Good one…will the San Brunians also be NIMBYs or not??? I will go with they will see the dollar signs and go “Come On Down, YouTube!!!”


Not sure about san brunians, But i think ppl are pro development. I see they’re always talking about redo the whole downtown thing.
If youtube fails, they’ll bring in porntube.


You know what they say, sex sells…


Listen to wisdom and buy in Millbrae instead.


Indeed. When are you buying in Millbrae, manch? I like Millbrae too, maybe when I don’t need to commute to South Bay anymore.


I just spoke to Jaime the agent from this one that my wife and I would have serious bid hard if we were first time buyers. I get the reason for Millbrae but I am not really willing to pay the premium pricing when San Bruno hills I feel is really up and coming.


Still in deep thought mode. My wife just informed me she really likes Millbrae… But then I looked at how much property tax we’d be paying. Oh boy…


Don’t buy in Millbrae. Too close to SFO!!!

Buy in SF or South Bay.


But @manch already owned in SF and South Bay. It is just logical if he put anchor in the middle to manage both side :wink:


Middle would be Menlo Park, not Millbrae.


Yes, middle of two Mach’s houses.

But for Family in software industry, Millbrae & San Mateo are quite versatile coz you can switch between job in the city (Bart / Caltrain), and down to South Bay (you don’t need to go commute past Sunnyvale / Cupertino). Or family with one works in the City and the other in South Bay


You seem to know exactly where the 2 manch’s houses are… do share… :rofl:


I am right outside of his SF house and he is shaking his head after reading this message!