San Bruno Rocking The Overbids!

Ok, nice San Bruno homes are going for $1k/sq ft…

God, San Bruno market is flaming hot!!! Everything I am looking at now in San Bruno is selling 1.3M and up…

San Bruno used to be considered undesirable part of the peninsula…

Not anymore…sfdragonboy is looking to buy…:grinning:

Everything is considered desirable now if places like Excelsior get listed for $1.3M+…


Absolutely. The entire City (including Bayview) and Peninsula (including EPA) have become “desirable”.

Good one…will the San Brunians also be NIMBYs or not??? I will go with they will see the dollar signs and go “Come On Down, YouTube!!!”

Not sure about san brunians, But i think ppl are pro development. I see they’re always talking about redo the whole downtown thing.
If youtube fails, they’ll bring in porntube.

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You know what they say, sex sells…

Listen to wisdom and buy in Millbrae instead.

Indeed. When are you buying in Millbrae, manch? I like Millbrae too, maybe when I don’t need to commute to South Bay anymore.

I just spoke to Jaime the agent from this one that my wife and I would have serious bid hard if we were first time buyers. I get the reason for Millbrae but I am not really willing to pay the premium pricing when San Bruno hills I feel is really up and coming.

Still in deep thought mode. My wife just informed me she really likes Millbrae… But then I looked at how much property tax we’d be paying. Oh boy…

Don’t buy in Millbrae. Too close to SFO!!!

Buy in SF or South Bay.

But @manch already owned in SF and South Bay. It is just logical if he put anchor in the middle to manage both side :wink:

Middle would be Menlo Park, not Millbrae.

Yes, middle of two Mach’s houses.

But for Family in software industry, Millbrae & San Mateo are quite versatile coz you can switch between job in the city (Bart / Caltrain), and down to South Bay (you don’t need to go commute past Sunnyvale / Cupertino). Or family with one works in the City and the other in South Bay

You seem to know exactly where the 2 manch’s houses are… do share… :rofl:

I am right outside of his SF house and he is shaking his head after reading this message!