San Bruno Rocking The Overbids!



I prefer hillsborough, but i got no money like you guys


God, I loved this one…


Asian buyer, def Asian buyer…



Stanley Lo, WTF 4.68 mil, dude is smoking some strong shxx


now back to 1.08, looks like he posted wrong price


Paying 3% for fat finger, just great.


Hey, Missy, who you calling fat???



His minions…I doubt he does any actual work. What he really needs to do is getting rid of that toupee. Makes him look even more untrustworthy.


Dude got hair


With a face like that, you can just give him the keys and he will take care of you…


Geez, 342K over asking!!!


that’s a quick flip


You’re right…that’s a nice, quick profit


here’e a cheap one for you dragonboy


Thank you Sir! Yes, I have that on the list this weekend. FINALLY, a few more homes to check out in San Bruno and SSF. This is a nice one in SSF that should go very high despite the 24…


Dang, I saw this one on the first day… Sold in 2 weeks, presumably all cash offer at 1.4M, 280K over asking!!!


did you make an offer?


Why should he? Buy a fixer and save money.


Not on this one, but the one you recommended (900k one) apparently went way over because my wife’s friend was there looking for his daughter and apparently bid 1.1M and lost out I believe. I simply can’t compete against others who are really ready or have no contingencies like an exchange. That is why I am trying to hunt down a private sale.