San Bruno Rocking The Overbids!



It is good to know but I am not too concerned about it. What I am probably going to buy will be hopefully a rancher or split level home on a flat parcel of land. If a fixer like my Sunset home was, I will do the crimple walls, the heavy duty reinforcement at the main support beams and foundation bolting. That’s another reason why I prefer a non dolled up house to buy.


San Bruno is cheap for a reason… The danger zone is a thousand feet on either side from the San Andreas fault. But generally hills have better soil conditions than flat alluvial plains near the bay. San Bruno also has areas with plane noise and the PGE gas line. Plus plenty of fog… Millbrae is a much better investment


Boom. One more $1.5M+ transaction in San Bruno.

But still cheaper than all the $2M homes being discussed in the Sunset thread…


Yes, this one I went to the open house and the house is actually pretty amazing. You literally have nature as your backyard. I suppose that is good and bad, depending on your perspective. For me, I wouldn’t want to deal with wildlife trying to come in for food. The other tidbit my agent told me is that the SF County Jail is up that way. Shouldn’t be an issue, but you never know. Still, final pricing is what I am expecting these days for San Bruno. If the house is nice, you better be willing to fork over that much, at least.


@sfdragonboy how about this one? Does it get foggy on the ocean side of skyline?


Yes, I am told it gets foggy up there. Ideally, you want to be as South as you can to Millbrae… there goes that damn Millbrae rearing its head again…calling me… Miiiiillllbraaaaeeee!!!


You belong to Millbrae my friend. Why fight it? It’s just a nicer Chinatown. You will love it down there. Trust me.


But, but aren’t you in Bayview??? Or…


I am in my secret hideout planning on my next move. :smile:


I see…so Millbrae is leading at the exit polls at the moment???


Not sure yet. 20K property tax bill every freaking year is really a buzz killer though…


If i have money, i would go for millbrae hill with view too. My mom’s friend is a retired lawyer, his house is near top of hill millbrae with pool and whole view on the airport. lots of tree and view is nice.


Why? The more the merrier! I pay more than 20k even on a semi-annual basis…


Frankly, is moving back to San Jose now on the menu for you? For me, not selling is now on the menu.


Nah, not moving to SJ yet. If not SF then maybe Millbrae.


Go to Belmont, 10 min further, cheaper and still enough fog for a Sunsetter


Personally I prefer Palo Alto…


Yellow banana, be proud of who you are. Btw, I like Los Altos hills😀


Really??? Do I behave like a white person to you? :rofl:


PA has a reputation for infrastructure investments, investments in education, and has a convenient location. LAH is out there and gives you privacy and rich folks.