San Bruno Rocking The Overbids!



Remember, wife demands we stay North of Millbrae or SSF… I would love San Mateo…we go there for food all the time. Ramen Dojo is the best!!!


Use your manly charm to seduce her down to San Mateo. Best value in the whole peninsula, if you don’t need to worry about schools.


She doesn’t want to drive into downtown SF essentially for work. And I am ok with it. Come on, how hard can it be to find a cheap house in San Bruno or Millbrae??? :smile:


This house in Millbrae has been sitting for 40 days and no taker. Street number is 882, it’s practically calling @sfdragonboy’s name…

It looks shitty inside. And the trees around it makes the inside look dark. All fixable. Maybe you can get it for 1.2. If so it will be a pretty sweet buy.


Every house that lasts 2 weeks or more is damaged goods around here… too many buyers looking for the same thing.


I think that might be out of his range. San Bruno seems to be the way to go. I think I saw a fixer in Crestmoor asking for under $1M…


Well, I am open to selling the Fremont home too to make it work but the Fremont home is destined for greatness I think…


Crestmoor is the best area. No fog and 5 minutes to millbrae with a 400k discount


Concrete exterior stairs inside…Really classy…A gut job…and even then still have a dark cold cave of a house buried in the hill…good on hot summer days though…lol

Stair climber adds a special touch…lol


Hey @adc, did you go see this one? I missed it but def wanted to track what something like this would go for in San Bruno. Now, not sure if this is a fast, busy street or not. Sad thing is, if the seller wanted to flip it right now, I would probably be willing to buy it…


Hi @sfdragonboy I missed this one as well… I don’t think this home has any potential to be flipped in the short term. Decent homes in the Rollingwood area go for around $1.1M now, sandwiched between Crestmoor (slightly more expensive) and Portola Highlands (slightly cheaper).


I had no idea Millbrae was nice. I always just saw it as a city near SFO. Guess I need to brush up on my SF vicinity real estate areas.


@BAJacket - yeah, I think the entire peninsula is prime real estate.

In my mind (very much open to discussion)

Tier 1:

  • Hillsborough
  • Burlingame*
  • areas east of El Camino and near the train tracks are less desirable and thus usually priced one tier lower.

Tier 2:

  • Millbrae*
  • Belmont*
  • San Carlos*
  • Foster City
  • Redwood Shores
  • parts of San Mateo (west of El Camino, especially the Highlands, Laurelwood, and Sugarloaf areas)
  • areas east of El Camino and near the train tracks are less desirable and thus usually priced one tier lower.

Tier 3:

  • San Bruno hills (Parkview Terrace, Crestmoor, Rollingwood, Portola Highland, Pacific Heights)
  • SSF hills (Westborough, Buri Buri)
  • Parts of San Mateo (east of El Camino)
  • Parts of Millbrae (east of El Camino)

Tier 4:

  • Daly City
  • Brisbane
  • Non-hill areas of San Bruno and SSF

Thoughts? Less sure about Pacifica and Half Moon Bay.


I think your list is pretty spot on. But to put Hillsborough and Burlingame in the same league is stretching it… Hillsborough and Atherton (you missed this) should be Tier 1. And Burlingame and Millbrae maybe 2A? The rest of Tier 2 become 2B.

The whole concept of “Peninsula” is pretty fuzzy. Do you mean by all of San Mateo country? if so we need to include Menlo Park and Redwood City.


adc, this is super helpful to see it listed out like this. I wonder if anyone has done a price comparison from Peninsula to South Bay cities, ie. Mountain View = Millbrae etc.


To me, Millbrae-Burlingame is similar to Cupertino-PaloAlto. But please someone crank the numbers and report back! :smile:


Found this report showing 2017 median YTD sales snapshot for some of the main areas. It doesn’t breakdown further like the hillside vs El Camino east but it’s a start.

If we went by this straight comparison, Sunnyvale at 1.7M median compares to San Carlos / Belmont, and Cupertino closes in on Burlingame, with Millbrae lagging quite a bit from these 2.


@manch I agree with your edits on the list.

However, I’d like to add that while most (certainly me) would pick Palo Alto over Cupertino, I think most would also pick Burlingame over Millbrae. The caveat being similar houses… e.g. Burlingame hills vs. Millbrae hills.

The decision to choose, say, small house in Burlingame flatland vs. nice house in Millbrae hills… or small house in Millbrae flatland vs. nice house in San Bruno hills… is more challenging. It really comes down to personal preference here, e.g. do you prefer a small base model BMW/Audi or a fully loaded Honda/Toyota?


Burlingame should divided into segments …San Mateo Park should be included with Hillsborough


Neither. There is something in-between, Acura/ Lexus :grin: