San Bruno Rocking The Overbids!



OMG, a price reduction in San Bruno!!! Well, kinda sort of (see property history). Will you just make up your mind???

Unfortunately, I am thwarted by the unlucky “24” in the address to even consider this. Just kidding, @poorbuyer… No, too close to El Camino and frankly doesn’t meet my exchange price point.


Cupertino: 2M
PA: 2.9M

PA:CU 1.45X

Millbrae: 1.6M
Burlingame: 2.2M

BG:MB 1.38X

The ratio is similar. I meant the pairs are similar in this way, not that PA’s price level is the same as Burlingame.

Also Hillsborough’s median is 4M, much higher than Burlingame’s 2.2M. That’s why I say they should not be in the same tier. Burlingame is about 600K higher than Millbrae. That gels with my impression that Burlingame is about 500K more expensive than Millbrae.


@manch is right about the difference between Burlingame and Hillsborough.

But one thing to keep in mind is that Burlingame is much bigger, so the differential between Burlingame hills and Hillsborough (exclusively on the hills) is smaller than the averages would have you think. The Burlingame averages are pulled down by the $1.5M small homes by the train tracks and the $1M 2BR condos on El Camino)


@sfdragonboy like the Maywood home, I tried to visit the Linden home and couldn’t even find a parking spot in the tight cramped street. That experience reassured me that “Da Hills” as you’ve said is the way to go in San Bruno.


Did you go to that Eichler fixer in Crestmoor that just went off market? OMG, the LA just texted me…NINETEEN OFFERS!!! Holy Moly!!


This is not good, @adc. The nice ones on the west side in the hills are being keyed in on and way overbid while the east side ones are having to drop the price!!!


Buy 2 of those, wait for appreciation and then pick up the hillside when it has cooled :smiley:


@sfdragonboy are you referring to the 2740 Crestmoor Dr by Melanie Leung?

My agent said she does have a reputation for her lowball bait prices (like the Greenbanker?). Having young kids, that house needs a bit too much work for me at the moment and thus we didn’t bid on that one.


Ooo, these prices are low. Maybe I should look for something there next :wink:


Hold on! Keep in mind that Eichler needs a lot of work. One needs to gut what is essentially there and start all over. So, I don’t know that 799K is really that low of lowball offer. It is a legit fixer after all. More decent homes in move-in to semi move-in will run you at least 1M and above now. This is not the San Bruno of old…


It is not an Eichler…Just a flattop piece of junk


…a flattop piece of junk that received NINETEEN offers. Marketplace is always right and the final decision maker whether you or I like it or not.


I called the agent when offers were due, going above 900 per her.


Wow, and the masses were there in force that Sunday when we were there. Agreed, it needs an awful lot of work and to still go that high is just indicative of how hot San Bruno is at the moment. Obviously the huge lot size is part of it. Still, if you want something truly unique that nobody around you in your neighborhood has, well, this would be it. People are simply willing to pay for individuality when it comes to their own primary home.


Dont call me when the roof leaks and the gas bill breaks the bank…


To complicate @sfdragonboy’s search further, why not Brisbane? It’s sunny for sure.


Not nearly as close to BART I think. I like cities that behave. Brisbane is far from behaving…


It’s doing all it can to protect home value.


Look, every city along the corridor has to play a part. No one gets a pass in my book. I am sure the Brisbanians like the general rise in home prices due to its proximity to the Fab 7x7 and the rest of the Bay. A little development is not going to ruin their precious little paradise…


Brisbane is a shithole, closely followed by Pacifica. …Nimby hell as far a I am concerned…And I have worked on projects in both towns…Their charters should be revoked and they should conform to state requirements for providing housing.