San Francisco: City of World Class Filth

Glad to hear San Diego is beginning to tackle this problem. It would be such a loss of beautiful place like San Diego. I have not been there in about 4 years.

I refuse to step off my car in SF on the way to Sonoma. How sad it has gotten this bad.

Hate to see how bad Oahu is now too. I hear some areas near Diamond Head stink like crazy.

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I was in Hawaii (Oahu) three years ago and saw homeless people but it did not strike me as that bad, but I was in the tourist type areas near the big pier.

What??? Isn’t 300M spent, “doing something about it”…

This is a bigger city and they are spending less than that.

I’m 99% sure I won’t be buying in Seattle. I don’t see the homeless and drug problems improving. I want to be able to walk my dogs and not worry about them stepping on a used drug needle. Fortunately, there are some amazing suburbs with good commute options for me.

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Shoot, at least you have the rain to wash the town down periodically and frankly provide an incentive to sort of stay away, but it sounds like even the rain factor won’t keep them away…

Here us the problem. These idiots fall all over themselves to prove how progressive and PC they are and screw everyone in the end.

The only thing historic is how these are the biggest assholes in history…Build now or getting voted out of office… Yimbies unite

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Yes, we need to address the homeless and dirt…


I was in Oahu the past Christmas and homeless situation wasn’t bad at all. I did hike Diamond Head and saw practically no homeless in my sight. Maybe they celebrated Christmas by not living on the street.

Weather in Oahu was super nice while we were there. It was comfortable shorts temperature. Life as a homeless should be much nicer there than the record cold we are having now in the bay area.

The Fab 7x7 leadership should follow the example set by Oahu.

I too was in Oahu during Xmas (two years ago). Can’t wait to cruise to Hawaii from the Fab 7x7 this Thanksgiving and wifey’s B-day!!!

It is all about political will. SF needs to go after the homeless. The progressive “compassionate” method of coddling these people is a total failure. Arrest and triage them. Criminals to jail. Druggies and mental illness to treatment centers. Innocents and families homes… but no guarantees of a home in SF pay Fresno to take them.

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Unfortunately, it comes from the top. We don’t have the votes to put in tougher leaders who could then enforce the no loitering laws in place. I see absolutely nothing wrong with forcing the homeless off public streets into shelters or get help. No, is not an option.


I believe there are some posters here that make me laugh with their “liberals” and blah, blah, blah.

Incredible, but Reagan, yes, Reagan, suffered of a mental illness during his tenure. Alzheimer.

One month prior to the election, President Carter had signed the Mental Health Systems Act, which had proposed to continue the federal community mental health centers program, although with some additional state involvement.

With President Reagan and the Republicans taking over, the Mental Health Systems Act was discarded before the ink had dried and the CMHC funds were simply block granted to the states. The CMHC program had not only died but been buried as well. An autopsy could have listed the cause of death as naiveté complicated by grandiosity.

Oh, this is very, very good. I was sad to see the many homeless on beaches around Oahu on my last visit some 6+ years ago and sort of convinced myself that Oahu was not a place I wanted to consider buying.

Uh, Ms. Weil, why would you or anyone move from Cow Hollow to Mission Street, between 7th and 8th??? You, are the idiot…

Of the $2.5 million in Kim’s proposal, $1.6 million will allow The City to add more street cleaners, who will be paid $17.71 hourly, or $39.31 per hour with fringe benefits, and will pay for 41,150 hours of cleanup work — an 8 percent increase in current staffing, or about 19 more cleaners.

$40 an hour for cleaners? Wow! Do they also collect pension?


You bet… welcome to our new socialist society where janitors can make more than doctors…

My parents escaped China because they were doctors and their wages were no more than janitors back then. But turns out they are back to where they started… you can’t escape your destiny!!! :rofl:

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And how much do Muni drivers make? I saw one parking his BMW the other day… Poor me driving a beaten up Honda. :cry:

Why don’t you go purchase a Tesla? My friend told me that it was the best thing he did his entire life and he feels like a million dollars driving it to work everyday… :rofl:

"Parts of San Francisco dirtier than foreign slums, UC Berkeley infectious disease expert says"
I believe it…

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