San Francisco: City of World Class Filth


I will never ever fork over my hard earned money to some god damn playboy! :rage:


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


“Mohammed Nuru, Director of the San Francisco’s Public Works Department, told NBC he estimates $30 million — half of the city’s street cleaning budget — is put toward cleaning up needles and feces from sidewalks and homeless encampments.”

Exactly how much would portapottys everywhere cost???


People using drugs on city streets need to locked up. Feces we can deal with later. But needles are just inexcusable.


I hate feces more than needles… :rofl:


Why drive Uber when you can clean shit for 40 bucks an hour?


Um… I think that might be comparable to the average stock investor who maybe makes $100-200k lifetime including their 401k? But the real pros make millions…


Why not just be a BART janitor and clean zilch, nada, for over $50/hr (overtime)???


Dragon boy tell me who to vote for for the mayor. Otherwise I will just vote by looks and Jane has an edge there I must say. :smile:


What? Not Jean Quan? :laughing:




You like 淑女,or 熟女,or both? :laughing:


SF should become more world class and have public toilets the way San Jose does. That way you don’t get all the feces on the street.




Now now… SF still holds dear to my heart… even though my home values in SJ has surpassed that of SF… :rofl:


I don’t understand these (Chinese?) jokes :frowning:

That aside I am surprised our beautiful city hasn’t had an outbreak of an epidemic disease. It’s just so dirty! Cholera, typhoid, something medieval like the plague…
When i’ve read about diseases in the developing world it often says it’s due to poor sanitation. We have terrible sanitation here, how come we are not getting more sick? Sometimes I think it will suddenly hit us and then it will seem so obvious in retrospect.

When I lived in soma, when it rained too hard raw sewage would pour out of drains on the street and flow down the sidewalk. I wish I was kidding, it was totally gross and smelled terrible. Apparently they configured the sewers wrong, nbd.


Ewwww, that is so gross! It must be the 100 year old sewer pipes draining both wastewater and stormwater together…


Because the developing world is truly dirty. SF is actually pretty clean! People here are just spoiled because they have never endured an ounce of hardship their entire life.


Could also be one of the underlying reasons for some SF’ers aversion to rain :wink:


Well, that is a tough one. You being our Fearless Leader on the RE Front would suggest you shouldn’t pull for Jane “Tenant Protections 2.0” Kim even though she is kinda cute. Realistically, some of the candidates including Angela Alioto simply doesn’t have a chance, so I guess you pick someone as moderate or close to it as possible. Sadly, that may be the best that we owners can hope for… probably London Breed is our best bet.