San Francisco Is The Place To Be


Many people have made mucho dinero on eBay… don’t ever knock a revenue source my friend…My lil sis in RWC knows someone who quit an engineering job and is selling FT on eBay. Supposedly, doing very well indeed…(your typical headaches I am sure but your gig and your moola). If I can do that as just something to entertain me in retirement I should be so lucky…


Here San Francisco refers to metro area, not the city. It quoted SF homeownership rates at 53 percent, which is for San Francisco-Oakland-Hayward metro area. San Francisco city homeownership rate is only 37%.

“Along with New York City and San Diego, San Francisco counts among the lowest of the cities for homeownership rates, at 53 percent.”

Homeownership rate was slightly higher in the San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara metro area, where 56.3 percent of residents own a home


Yeah, no doubt anyone owning in the whole Bay Area for awhile has done very, very well financially (perhaps on paper). The question is, are we due for a correction? And if so, how much? If interest rates soar as some seem to think, won’t that hurt the housing market eventually? At the end of the day though we are lucky to live in a great area and the demand will always be there and thanks to NIMBYs and idiot leaders (SF BOS) we have “help” in keeping the housing supply down so what more can we ask for???


SF up 19.5% MOM in median pricing (yes, no comments about median figures necessary…:grin:)



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@sfdragonboy, are you and I living in “inner city”? Is the entire SF inner city?


Ok, you lost me Oh Great Leader… granted I just got back from one of my work holiday parties and I may have had one or two too many… not seeing the reference to “inner city”…


Inner city SF…tenderloin, hunters point and western addition


Anecdote: overhearing a few Chinese families moving into the new Shipyard. Hunters point is on the edge of SF. If that’s inner we may as well include a bit of Sunset. :slight_smile:

Is Mission inner city?


Mission has been the heart of gentrification


Scientifically sunset is not inner city due to lack of multi story buildings.

Culturally, inner city is an connotation of impoverished black city neighborhood. Maybe Oakand is inner than SF now. SF is post gentrification already.

Seems that inner city has a racist tone in US. We need to find a better word.

"The inner city is the central area of a major city or metropolis. Inner city areas tend to have higher population densities than outer suburbs, with more of the population living inside multi-floored townhouses and apartment buildings.

In the United States and United Kingdom, the term “inner city” is often used as a euphemism for lower-income residential districts in the city centre and nearby areas with, in the US, the additional connotation of impoverished black neighborhoods.[1] Sociologists sometimes turn this euphemism into a formal designation, applying the term “inner city” to such residential areas, rather than to geographically more central commercial districts. However, some inner city areas of American cities have undergone gentrification, especially since the 1990s.[2]"


The Sunset is the opposite of inner city


OK. Sunset is the outer boonies then, a place where civilization ends. :smile:


Once you drive thru the Sunset there is nothing but ocean for 6000 miles. .as out here as you can get


Ok, inner city really means or refers to impoverished areas of a city so NO IT DOES NOT include the Sunset. My god man, the Sunset is flaming hot remember??? Small 2/1 command a million smackers. That is not impoverished in any shape or form!!!


The classic inner city is in Detroit. .it is literally disappearing…It is so blighted the city is tearing it down…Satellite photos showing it turning a rural setting…devolution. …


I thought inner city means the inner part of a city? Like in geography terms not racial or income? So I thought SF is so tiny most of it is inner anyway. :smile:

Back in the 50s and 60s whites fled from the city to the suburbs. The city part of the city, thus inner city, became economic stagnant and ridden with crime. But now the reverse trend is happening. The young and the hip are going back to the city. So much of the “inner city” stigma is outdated IMO. Even Detroit is undergoing a renaissance of sort.


SF is being repopulated with singles not families. .A fairyland of gays, techies, peter pans, retirees and tourists that stay…hardly a sustainable city…more like a touristic amusement park…


Right but those inner parts of the city were the bad or ghetto parts so I guess the reference retained that negative connotation to this day. I mean, come on, I am sure you have seen/read the reference to “inner city kids” right? Those are not kids living in Palo Alto ok?