San Francisco Is The Place To Be


tomorrow, if you like to dress up as Santa and drink to your hearts content and no one will judge you (they will join you). Just another fun thing to do in the Fab 7x7…


I am more into leather and chains… more of that Folsom fair kinda guy. :wink:


I have heard of some downright gross stuff going down at that Fair…:astonished:


The Fab 7x7 home prices just went up again with news like this…


Report says price decline 2.2% for fab 7x7. Rest all up.


Keep in mind that that may include condo sales so your average pricing will decline. I follow my neighborhood, the Sunset, exclusively, and there simply have not been price reductions when it comes to SFHs. In fact, it is booming out here.


Ouch bridge tolls are getting crazy… I get it, traffic is bad. Use the money for a second transbay tube, not subsidized housing


People can knock the city all they want, yet people have been coming to make their fortunes (hopefully) since the Gold Rush days…


Our immigrants are also the best educated of all the regions in their study. 69% of them have at least done some college. Compare that with Miami where only 55% of theirs do.

Hope our meh Chinese food doesn’t turn people off too much…


How meh can our Chinese food be when we in the Fab 7x7 have the only Michelin starred chinese restaurant around these parts? Any in San Jose (chinese)? I don’t think so…


These Michelin crap is sick. This ain’t no Chinese food. They are mutants created to please food critics, neither eastern or western. I’d rather stick to the moms and pops.


Fine, I am an OG myself… I prefer traditional chinese fare like salted fish pork pie and even snails. I won’t do chicken feet though. I can’t get past the visual…


OMG! You just got demoted. I can’t take your food recommendation seriously now.


Dude, I can eat salted fish and snails all day long…that is as chinese as you can get, no?


That’s beginner Chinese level. The middle level is chicken feet and snake soup.

Stinky tofu and durian are extra credit.

For the advanced level we have stir fried bugs. I have yet to conquer that level… that’s my wife’s level. :cold_sweat:


Keep in mind that I am first generation here. I am not a transplant, even at an early age… I may be the biggest Donny Yen fanboy around but chicken feet is a no-no…


Dude, both my kids were born here, and they can’t get enough chicken feet…

Time to level up my friend.


Well, if I were force fed chicken feet from Day 1 of course I would be able to stomach them. But I wasn’t. Me mum was kind and knew that I was a boy of the western ways. How else did I get out of going to chinese school only after two grades??? :slight_smile:


Food choice is partially coded into your Dna many generations ago. Some parents force the kids eat certain food but it does not work sometimes.