San Francisco Is The Place To Be

Ok, start buying up the RE before it is too late (again)!!!

Yeah, arresting them is cruel. It’s way more humane to just let them OD and die.

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Top city?

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I agree, we slacking. Why do you think I burn incense to the Singapore God???

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SF is :poop:

I generally go to SF once in 4-5 months and each time its derogatting interms of cleanliness.
Sad Truth but its one of Shit city .

This can’t be true. SF still raises the most VC money. Oh wait, some people don’t realize most of the VC money is leaving, since the employees live outside the Bay Area.

Additional details

In a statement, the firm’s CEO, Thomas Baltimore, Jr., said that San Francisco’s “path to recovery remains clouded and elongated by major challenges” including office vacancies caused by companies letting employees work-from-home, a “weaker than expected citywide convention calendar” through 2027 and “concerns over street conditions.”

SF situation is like - You haven’t studied the whole current(15 years) semester while everyone else was working their tails off and then expect that you will do great in the finals this semester because you worked hard in the last few(40-50 years) semesters.

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I have a friend in Philly. Her husband was in SF for work. He was there for 1 business day for meetings. His rental care was broken into and everything in it was stolen. He thought the police would care. Their response was to file an insurance claim. He was surprised.

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This is how you know they are out of town…

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It’s getting difficult to recognize universities as anything other than an attempt in wokeness brainwashing. Adults that age don’t have enough life experience yet to know better. Also, it makes people better to tell them they are victims so nothing is their fault.

It’s all about the jobs, baby!!!

The sprawling Marina home that once housed “Top Chef” Season 1 contestants has finally sold. 3159 Baker St. struggled on the market. Originally listed in January for $4.4 million and then undergoing two price cuts, it was eventually relisted at $3.5 million in April. It ultimately closed at $3.6 million last week, which technically means it sold for over the asking price, even though those looking through the records can spot the real estate trick.

More worrisome for the luxury real estate market in San Francisco is that the sale is also under the price the home sold for in February 2018 when it changed hands for $3.7 million.

Less than 2018 price??? I’m not very good at math, but that’s bad, right?

Ouch. I thought SF had the best Asian stuff.

Pathetic response would be, the reason(s) why this Canadian company chose Seattle over say a San Francisco are:

  1. Seattle is closer to Canada. Gas, or electricity is expensive.
  2. Why F up with a bigger more prominent, global city like a Fab 7x7 when you can easily dip your toes into the pool by going with a smaller city that has often been compared to the real deal?

There, I stand by the above…