Santa Clara Rocking The Overbids!

Figured I’d follow @sfdragonboy’s format. :laughing:

Santa Clara is really heating up like crazy down here. Guess people getting pushed out of MV/Sunnyvale.

300k over ask. Granted total remodel new build, but this isn’t even Cupertino schools and the lot is a very average 5k sq ft.


Inauspicious “24” too in the address… imagine if it had a decent neutral address!!!

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Not only it’s 24. It’s 2453.

In Cantonese it means “easy die can’t survive”. About the worst in terms of Chinese numbering…

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The absolute worst is “1664”… multiple meaning open to interpretation… :rofl:

looks like an indian flipper/investor so didnt care about the dreaded house number. Cant tell who the buyer is though

Yes, I believe you are correct. I saw a previous flip last year from same listing agent. Similar designs. Nicer side of Santa Clara on a bigger lot.

How about 9413? 90% die 10% live. That has explicit probability of you dying.

2453 can also mean “easy die can’t get pregnant”. Buyers can save on condoms, but otherwise really awful. :smile:


1.7M for SC is really nuts. Schools are pretty meh: 7/7/9. But it’s close to a lot of hardware companies and not far from Apple spaceship.

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  1. die in several pieces
  2. roll over and die
  3. dying all the way

This number can sound like any of the above --> absolute worst :rofl:

Cantonese I take it. Doesn’t seem to have the same effect in Mandarin.

Yes. Only Cantonese speakers will get it :slight_smile:

When I first bought my SF home, I applied for a landline (yes, there was actually such a thing :rofl:), and the phone co gave me this number 415-164-1664. :rofl: :rofl: I was forced to pay them $50 more so that I can change it to a friendlier number 415-***-8830 :rofl:

Hah, that’s a terrible number. Yea I figured. I understand both, but my Cantonese is rusty compared to my Mandarin.

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Why not change it to 168-1668?

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Come on! This is San Francisco with 250k Chinese people. You don’t think that number has already been taken with another 500 people on the wait list??? :rofl:

Joking aside, now that SC is breaking into 1.7M, should everybody just rush out and buy every house they can in Berryessa and Milpitas? North SJ is going to bloom, right?

Not really… stick with the west side…

Three words: East Palo Alto.

Three words: Missed the Boat.

I know the seller’s agent very well. She used to be one of the big rainmakers for Intero. And she did mention this flip to me a few months ago. Awesome job but seriously who is paying this much for bad schools?

People who don’t have kids and like the convenient location… :laughing: