Santa Clara Rocking The Overbids!


All I can say is that SC was mostly flat last year, and this year it broke out and up in a big way. I guess it just depends how much longer you think we have in this cycle. I do think Central SJ and North SJ have some potential and is starting see more movement especially with the news of Google moving near Diridon.


But there are too many homeless people near Diridon. How can this area ever improve?


I wouldn’t say they’re terrible anymore. You don’t think the schools will get better with higher property taxes (new homeowners bringing up to market rates), and the slew of techies having younger children in the area. Sooner or later the schools will get better, maybe not Cupertino / PA good, but also not Cupertino / PA prices. I think you’re already seeing that in the SC high schools, with Wilcox and SC High both 9s now. Only 4-5 years ago these were 5 and 6s. I’m sure that doesn’t paint the whole picture, but it’s certainly an improvement on paper.


Wait a minute. If houses like this are selling for 1.7M, how’s the price in Rivermark nowadays?


Here’s some stat for the area… Only the 95051 zip code saw significant increase in value this year compared to others. 95051 is the zip that’s bordering the west side (some with Cupertino schools…)


So we still got time on Berryessa and Milpitas. :slight_smile:


I think the townhouses are in the 1-1.2M neighborhood, and the SFH some on the top end are over 2M.


Yea exactly, this is why I was really surprised by this 300k overbid in the 95050. The 95051 has benefits from being inflated by Cupertino school district in some areas, but that carries over to the non-Cupertino schools as well in terms of buyer bidding.


:scream: :scream: :scream:


LOL… Why spend over $2.3M for a house in Santa Clara when you can buy a home in Palo Alto with the same price.


I know right…here’s another at 2M. I think these are the nicer bigger ones though.


My thoughts exactly…well in PA it’d be a fixer but still…I’d go for PA at those prices.


Not a fixer. “Well maintained”, and smaller sq ft.


@manch, I had no idea Rivermark had gotten so pricey with the 2M houses, but now that I’m thinking about it. There’s the huge mega project that’s suppose to be like 5x the size of Santana Row that’s being built next to Levi’s Stadium. That might have something to do with it. Shopping and play will be basically walking distance.


Went to an open house this weekend in Milpitas. Don’t think I’m going back. The smell is still going strong.


Haha, the smell is strong, but I wonder at what price shavings do people stop caring? 100k? 300k? 500k? Maybe you get “use” to it when you live there :laughing:


But that mega project will take years to build. I don’t think it has much impact on prices. Santana Row may even be closer.

Where in Milpitas? How come people keep saying Milpitas smells bad but I never smelt anything there??? I usually go to the Ranch 99 and Great Mall area though.


Those are pretty smell heavy places, but I think usually weather dependent. If it’s pretty hot and there’s the breeze coming off the bay it’s especially strong. I will say however if you stay east of 680, it’s generally fine. That’d be the area to target if you’re looking at Milpitas. I do like Berryessa though.


Near 680/Calaveras and there was still a faint smell. Thought that area was far enough from Dixon Landing for the odor to dissipate but guess I was wrong. Will have to blacklist Milpitas from now on unfortunately.


Super busy street, but yea that’s “reasonably” priced in PA.