Santa Clara Rocking The Overbids!


@harriet, you looking for another investment property or to live in?


I used to live at rivermark, and the lower end townhomes are definitely more popular. This is probably one of the most concentrated area for Facebook/google employees (judged by the frequency of shuttle buses).

There aren’t many shops/restaurants, but these young engineers mostly eat at work anyways…


I’m passively looking for a place to live in and rent out my current place. I will be in a better position financially next year but if I find something between now and then that’s even better. I doubt I’ll find anything though because inventory is still so low.


One less competitor! :smile:

I think the smell issue is fully priced in. At the current price level, you also have the option value of the landfill being closed and price shooting up in the future.

I have gone to Milpitas hundreds of times over the last 15+ years. I have never smelt anything. I may need to have my nose checked…


Like I can compete with your deep pockets…I’m just a small fry :pensive:


Nah, I may talk a big game but I am pretty light weight. :smile:


Honestly, I think the smell is just a conspiracy. I’ve been to Milpitas a zillion times and not once have I “smelled” anything. Maybe I have a different kind of receptors in my nose than some other people… :rofl:


Manch floats like a butterfly, and stings like a bee.


I thought you are the bee… or was it an ant??? :laughing:


Yellow Jacket. Get it right!


So I found another person who never smelt anything in Smellpitas !!

Maybe it’s like durian or stinky tofu? One person’s stench is another’s fragrance…


The smell is most noticeable in the McCarthy Ranch/Milpitas Square complexes during the warm months. It smells of raw sewage and grease especially on the 99 Ranch side because of the poor sanitation (rotting garbage, raw meat juice, spilled used cooking oil, etc.) behind the restaurants. There’s a parking lot on the left side of the strip mall behind Won Kee – you’ll see and smell what I mean if you ever park there.

What’s worse is at sunset when it’s warm out, swarms of phorrid flies are everywhere and you have to run and get out of/into your car as quick as possible. You’ll have a few stuck on you and in you car (crawling on the inside of your windshield) for sure.

Why anyone wants to move out to Milpitas/North San Jose/Rivermark now is silly – but that’s just my opinion.

The traffic along 237 is TERRIBLE heading East and West during rush hour. Traffic starts to back up from the North 1st Street exit to the 880N on ramp at 2.15 PM. When there are events going on at Levi’s Stadium on weekdays, commuters on 101 and 237 are screwed.

I’m a stay-at-home dad (not by choice) so luckily, I don’t always have to brave the traffic. The phorrid fly phenomenon started less than ten years ago and we hardly eat dinner at the McCarthy complexes anymore but if we do, we go while the sun is still out.

The SJC air traffic noise is annoying too. Takeoff begins at 6.00 AM and the rumbling from the planes is continuous until the early flights have departed.

We’ve been living in the North Park and Crescent Village communities since 2003 and we’re getting outta here ASAP (primarily for kids). It’s just getting way too congested here and it’s only going to get worse with the tens of new office buildings and hotels that are being built or just completed along 237 and in North San Jose.

Sorry if I rambled too much.


Good stuff and arguably the best name ever, @punchitchewie. So, where do you think you will go? Fab 7x7 where it is so cheap and less crowded? :grinning:




Call the city department of public health to revolve the fly problem?


I thought the smell is due to the Landfill.


I think it’s not just landfill, there’s also a water treatment plant.



You promised and crossed your heart that you would never, never use Google again…Liar!!!


James Damore


Never said that.

However, my default search engine on phone,tablet & laptop is no longer Google but


Why not use Google??? The more I use it, the more PC and righteous I feel. Instead of feeling like a sexist/racist/bigot/Nazi-lover.

Feeling great!!! :rofl: